The Community of Practice for Social Responsibility and Ethics

This establishment of this CoP aims to encourage and strengthen the culture of sharing and continuous improvement in regard to the quality teaching and learning of social responsibility and ethics by building a community of like-minded individuals who nevertheless come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Community members include faculty, academic staff, management, research fellows and assistants, administrators, students, and external partners. The objectives of founding this CoP are as follows:

  1. To enable the University to improve the teaching and learning of social responsibility and ethics through the extensive interaction, sharing, and collaboration among the partners of the CoP

  2. To build a web-based platform for exchanging ideas, sharing experience, good practices and teaching/learning materials, and reaching out to the community outside the University.
Activities of this CoP include:
  1. To hold regular CoP meetings for exchanging ideas, sharing of experience and good practices, and monitoring the development of the community.

  2. To develop a web-based platform
    • to facilitate communication among CoP members, the sharing of teaching/learning materials, and the planning of collaborative activities and projects; and
    • to provide links for networking with prospective external partners and to enhance the visibility of the CoP.

  3. To organize co-curricular activities, where appropriate, to encourage discussion and reflection on matters of ethics and responsibility in a university/societal context. These activities may take various forms, e.g., forums, lectures, seminars, focus group discussion, reading clubs, social service, and field visits.