GE Community

The Community of Gateway Education, which will be built with both an institutional platform of blackboard and non-institutional platform of Facebook, aims to involve all teaching and learning parties of CityU. Our goals and objectives include: to develop a social network through an on-line platform for the free exchange of ideas, comments, and suggestions for existing and future GE courses and the GE Program in general; to create a forum for GE Course Leaders, so they can share the most productive practices and innovations, and discoveries to arise from their experiences; to create a forum for GE students managed by volunteer students, so they can exchange information and assessments on courses offered at CityU and other universities; to reach out to secondary schools, to develop inter-communication with various school sectors, and to build our curriculum with a better understanding of students’ previous learning, especially in Liberal Studies and high school level GE courses; to provide a friendly learning environment where students can interact with students and teachers across academic units, potentially broadening opportunities for students considering minors and double degree programs; to advance the development of DEC: since most GE courses are open to students across school year and disciplines, it is possible and productive to place pedagogical emphasis on discovery and breadth of knowledge; and to open up an avenue for gathering feedback and moderating deliberations on desirable directions of development for the GE Program at CityU.