Office of Education Development and Gateway Education

Development of Signature GE Courses

Having accumulated substantial experience in the offering of GE courses, and to encourage further effort and devotion of resources in GE course development at the College/School level, each College/School is invited to develop signature GE courses.

Why Signature GE Courses?

To complement and enhance the current provision, and to truly “augment and round out the specialised training students receive in their majors by enabling them to achieve a breadth of knowledge through exposure to multiple disciplines” , the Colleges and Schools are invited to develop their own signature GE courses, which should be designed as “gateway” courses that open up their respective fields and disciplines for further exploration by:

  1. providing students a gateway to the fundamental realms of knowledge in the respective fields and disciplines;
  2. introducing students to engaging topics and exciting themes and ideas in the humanities, social sciences, or sciences; and
  3. affording quality learning experience with high academic standard.

It is desirable that the signature GE courses be designed and taught by senior academics or scholars who are not only recognized for their research but are also eloquent teachers.

Role of Signature GE Courses Within the GE Programme

The signature GE courses will be categorized as distributional GE courses under the three distributional areas of Arts and Humanities; Study of Societies, Social and Business Organizations; and Science and Technology. These signature courses should have no prerequisites.

List of Signature GE Courses

GE Course Area Academic Unit
GE1137 Movies and Psychology Area 1 SS
GE2133 The Life and Times of the English Language Area 1 EN
GE2134 Critical and Creative Thinking Area 1 POL
GE3107 Art and Emotion Area 1 SCM
GE3108 Language in Art, Invention and Inspiration Area 1 LT
GE3109 Hong Kong Legal System and One Country, Two Systems Area 1 SLW
GE1222 Contemporary Accounting Area 2 AC
GE2248 Persuasion in Everyday Life Area 2 MKT
GE2258 Introduction to Economics Area 2 EF
GE2260 Introduction to Finance Area 2 EF
GE2262 Business Statistics Area 2 MS
GE2263 Information Management Area 2 IS
GE3204 Business and Hong Kong Society Area 2 MGT
GE3206 China in World Affairs Area 2 AIS
GE1305 Everyday Physics * Area 3 PHY
GE1308 Energy: Today and Tomorrow Area 3 SEE
GE1332 Beauty of Ancient Chinese Architecture Area 3 ACE
GE1352 How Your Brain Works Area 3 BMS
GE1354 Introduction to Electronic Design Area 3 EE
GE2334 Science Versus Crime Area 3 CHEM
GE2338 Internet Applications and Security Area 3 CS
GE2339 Smart City – a Systems Engineering Perspective Area 3 SEEM

* GE1305 Everyday Physic (Signature GE course version) will be offered in the 2019/20 academic year. The existing version of GE1305 Everyday Physics: Its Impact on You and Society will be offered in the 2018/19 academic year.