Gateway Education Laboratory - Safety Regulations

GE Laboratory - Safety Regulations

Accidents in laboratories could cause damage to equipment, and more seriously, injury to staff and students. However, most accidents can be avoided if the laboratory safety rules are followed carefully. Read the following rules and precautions thoroughly and make sure that you understand and abide by them. In addition, all laboratory users are bound by the Safety Policy of the City University of Hong Kong (

實驗室事故可能造成設備損壞,甚至導致工作人員和學生受傷。但是,如果使用者都遵循實驗室安全規則, 大多數事故是可以避免的。請細閱以下規則和注意事項,並確保你了解並遵守這些規則。此外,所有實驗室使用者都要遵守香港城市大學的安全政 (。

Laboratory safety rules 實驗室的安全規則

  1. Undergraduate students are not allowed to work in a laboratory without supervision of qualified personnel (such as academic staff, research fellows, research assistants, graduate students and technical officers).

  2. Smoking, eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the laboratory.

  3. Spillage of water on the floor etc. must be mopped up immediately.

  4. Do not run or fool around in the laboratory.

  5. Do not touch anything in the laboratory which is not part of your experiment.

  6. Make sure that you know the proper way to use the equipment. Ask for instructions if you are not certain.
    確保你知道如何正確地使用每種儀器設備。如有疑問, 請詢問導師。

  7. Report all accidents, spillages, breakages and injuries immediately to laboratory staff, immediate supervisor, safety officer and head of department when they occur.

  8. Keep the laboratory clean and tidy.