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The aim of Gateway Education (GE) programme is to augment and round out the specialised training students receive in their majors by enabling them to achieve a breadth of knowledge through exposure to multiple disciplines. Aligned with the mission, a technology-enriched active learning space, named Gateway Education Laboratory (GE Lab), was setup in 2012 for supporting active and collaborative learning. It allows students from different disciplines to work together under the GE umbrella. GE lab consists of an active learning classroom (ALC), a prototyping area, and a digital media production space. The ALC is highly configurable with movable tables, it equipped with running water facility and ventilation which are suitable for different type of active learning activities. While the prototyping area housed key equipment and facility to support students realizing their ideas and making functional prototypes, such as professional grade 3D printers, laser cutter/engraver, virtual reality equipment, electronic components library and prototyping platform. With the increasing demands of using digital media to support teaching and learning, Panopto Studio for self-recording and Chroma-Key Studio with professional shooting and lighting equipment are ready for educational video production.

Update: GE Lab is reported in the QS Asia Quarterly Newsletter.

GE Lab 2 (P4907) - Active Learning Space

  • GE Lab P4907 provides space for up to 40 students to work together with equipment and technical support.
  • The area is equipped with movable workbenches and exhaust ventilation. It is designed for student group work, interactive learning and hands-on activities.
  • This area can also be transformed into different arrangements to support various GE courses' needs.

GE Lab 1 (P4801) - Prototyping and Media Production

  • GE Lab P4801 houses major equipment to support GE course leaders in conducting different teaching and learning activities, equipment includes:
    • 3D printers and 3D scanners enable students' innovative ideas to become realities. Students will enjoy the thrill of turning digital designs into physical objects!
    • A digital Show-and-Tell studio allows students to showcase their discoveries, display them online and practice their communication skills.
    • A Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) helps students to explore the micro and nano world.

Service and Support for GE Courses

GE Lab also provides a variety of services and supports for GE courses, please check our services here.

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