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Gateway Education (GE) Mini Fair 2013

GE Fair

City University is committed to providing students with a quality education that develops their intellectual abilities while providing them with the skills and knowledge base they will need to successfully navigate the complexities of the 21st century.

Gateway Education (GE) is the core of an undergraduate education. The goal of Gateway Education (GE) is to give students a broad sampling of the cutting edge of different academic areas. This sampling exposes them to varied disciplines, increasing the value and breadth of their total undergraduate education. There are over 150 GE courses at CityU to allow students to discover new interests that may open a new range of opportunities for further study or career choice.

GE Mini-Fair (2013) is part of the Discovery Festival, GE course leaders organized interactive activities to showcase their GE courses. Students can come and enquire about GE courses that they would like to take. Faculty can learn teaching tips from GE course leaders that can be applied to their own courses.


Course Leaders / Instructors Unit Course Code Course Title Media
Dr. Roy Vellaisamy AP GE1309 Science in Chinese Kung Fu Poster

Dr. Ray C C Cheung EE GE1314 Ironman: The Art and Science of Robots in Our Society Poster

Dr. Sunyoung Oh AIS GE2117 Eat, Drink, Man, Woman: Cultural Identity of Koreans Poster

  EDGE   GE Discovery Lab Poster
Lab Facilities Video
3D Printer Video

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