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Gateway Education (GE) Course Exhibition at the CityU Information Day 2012

GE Course Exhibition at Info Day 2012

A group of GE course leaders showcased their courses and the “Discover&Innovate@CityU” teaching and learning approach in the GE Course Exhibition at the CityU Information Day held on 20 October 2012.  The exhibition attracted a significant number of potential CityU students and their parents.  Enthusiastic GE student ambassadors promoted CityU Gateway Education and engaged visitors with well-prepared and interesting activities. The event has effectively made known to students and the public the importance of the GE component in the new 4-year curriculum.  

Participant list:

Course Leaders/Instructors Unit Course Code Course Title
Dr. Shiyu Louisa Wei SCM GE1113 Visual Literacy and Cultural Thinking
Dr. Avnita Lakhani SLW GE1123 Law, Reasoning, and Morality: A Critical Analysis
Prof. Choon Ling Sia
Dr. Chuan Hoo Tan
Dr. Xiaohua Michelle Zeng
Dr. Yu Tong
IS GE1212

Personal and Firm Profiling in the Digital Society

Dr. Roy Vellaisamy AP GE1309 Science in Chinese Kung Fu
Dr. Ray C C Cheung EE GE1314 Ironman: The Art and Science of Robots in Our Society
Dr. Sunyoung Oh CTL GE2117 Eat, Drink, Man, Woman: Cultural Identity of Koreans
Dr. Lindsay Miller
Dr. Kin Kit Ben Li
EN, SS GE2222 Sport, Culture and Society
Mr. Wai Man Raymond Wong BST GE2227 Preservation and Revitalization of Buildings with Heritage Value inside City Environments
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A Showcase of GE Courses at CityU (Information Day 2012)


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