Office of Education Development and Gateway Education

Intended Learning Outcomes of GE

Intended Learning Outcomes of GE for Proposal Submitted before 31 May 2010

GE courses should achieve the five GE PILOs which were designed to help the university nurture Ideal Graduates. GE courses should be designed to achieve the PILOs with different levels of depth and breadth. Every GE course should significantly address PILO 1, and at least one of the other PILOs. The five GE PILOs approved by the City University’s Senate are:

  1. Develop intellectual and practical skills, including proficiency in written and oral communication, inquiry techniques, critical and creative thinking, quantitative reasoning, problem-solving and teamwork
  2. Increase global awareness by gaining knowledge of diverse peoples and cultures, and develop the ability to interact with others in culturally diverse settings
  3. Acquire a broader knowledge of the natural and physical world through the study of arts and humanities, social sciences, business, and science and technology
  4. Develop the capacity for assuming individual and social responsibilities, including local and global civic knowledge and engagement, knowledge of and competence with human diversity, and ethical reasoning and action
  5. Develop the capacity for lifelong learning and for applying new knowledge and skills to fulfill the needs of personal and professional lives