Office of Education Development and Gateway Education


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a format that I should follow in constructing my proposal?

    An important element of a good syllabus is the integrative nature of the course content. A good syllabus that outlines the learning outcomes of the course and how they tie with the GE programme outcomes is very important. In order to achieve the learning outcomes, specific teaching/learning activities have to align properly. This means that you need to carefully construct your weekly assignments so that a clear expectation is given to the student. A sample of a well developed course is given here. Keep in mind that Part III of Form 2B asks for a "Keyword Syllabus". We encourage you to develop this part in much more detail. By developing weekly reading assignments, topical discussion, projects, papers, etc. you will guide your students to become better learners. The extracurricular activities should be properly aligned with the course objectives. For example, if you have outside guest speakers on a particular topic, you should make every effort to tie it with the weekly topics of your course. Your pedagogy and assessment should clearly reflect your goals for the course.

    Course designers should pay attention to the guidelines and information on proposal submission and evaluation criteria on the EDGE website when developing GE course proposal.

  2. What forms do I need for my proposal/s?

    Please use the latest version of Form 2B (GE) in developing your proposal(s).

    All proposals received from College/School Boards will be assessed by the Gateway Education Programme Committee (GEPC) under EDGE before recommendations are made to BUS and Senate for approval. Straight forward cases will take about half a year subject to the meeting schedule of GEPC and BUS. Course proposers are advised to make reference to the timeline for proposal submission.

  3. Would I get input from reviewers on improving the proposal?

    Individual proposers may receive feedback on their proposals if revisions are recommended.

  4. Who can provide guidance on developing a proposal?

    As you plan to develop a GE course, you are strongly advised to contact GEPC members who will be able to assist you in developing your proposal. They may introduce to you other individuals on campus who may be working on a similar course with a different perspective.