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GE Conference 2009/10

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7 to 11 July 2010

Registration now open for
Engaging Departments Institute
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Application Deadline: 19 March 2010

The Engaging Departments Institute offers campus teams intensive, structured time to advance their plans to foster, assess, and improve student learning within departments and across the institution. The Institute will concentrate on: (1) leadership for engaged, intentional, and integrative learning within and across departments; (2) essential learning through the major, including civic engagement, personal and social responsibility, and global citizenship; (3) assessments for achieving and improving essential learning outcomes, concentrating on authentic assessments based on the work faculty are already doing in the classroom; and (4) improving educational effectiveness and student achievement by identifying barriers and aligning new practices with departmental and institutional goals.

Learn more at Questions may be directed to Kathryn Angeles at or 202-884-7413.

15 to 19 June 2010

Registration now open for
Greater Expectations Institute: Leadership to Make Excellence Inclusive
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

Application Deadline: 12 March 2010

The Greater Expectations Institute is a five-day, intensive program designed to help campuses improve the quality of undergraduate education to prepare students— particularly those who have been historically underserved—for success in a globally interdependent society. The 2010 Institute will help campus teams align institutional purposes, structures, and practices as well as advance and assess learning outcomes that are essential for success in today’s world. These outcomes include such things as critical inquiry, communication skills, social responsibility, intercultural competence, and integrative learning.

Learn more at For additional information contact Nakia Bell at 202-387-3760 ext. 407 or

4 to 9 June 2010

Registration now open for
Institute on Gateway Education and Assessment
University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont

Application Deadline: 19 February 2010

AAC&U's Institute on Gateway Education creates a varied, intellectually stimulating environment for advancing campus planning in gateway education for all two- and four-year liberal arts, comprehensive, research, and public or private campuses. The Institute is comprised of interactive presentations by experienced faculty who have been engaged in gateway education reform and emerging trends in higher education and student learning. Campus teams have ample opportunity to meet one-on-one with these faculty consultants, work collaboratively within their teams, and to share ideas with the other campus teams.

Learn more in the 2010 Institute on Gateway Education brochure at For additional information contact Kathryn Angeles, 202-884-7413 or

25 to 28 Feb 2010

Registration now open for
Expanding the Circle: Creating an Inclusive Environment in Higher Education for LGBTQ Students and Studies

This conference dedicated for education professionals will address factors that have contributed to excluding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) issues from academic study and student life; and also explore strategies to make our campuses more inclusive for all students. Speakers will examine strategies and best practices that effectively integrate LGBTQ areas of teaching and research with student life activities. This will be among the first national conferences in higher education to focus on LGBTQ concerns by seeking connections across diversities, disciplines, and academic and student affairs.

Register by December 15 to take advantage of the early registration rate. For inquiries, contact

18 to 20 Feb 2010

Registration now open for
Gateway Education and Assessment:
Maintaining Momentum, Achieving New Priorities

Seattle, Washington
Register now online
Early registration available now through January 25, 2010

AAC&U has opened registration for Gateway Education and Assessment: Maintaining Momentum, Achieving New Priorities. We encourage you to register now to take advantage of the best rates.

Gateway Education and Assessment: Maintaining Momentum, Achieving New Priorities invites fresh thinking and new approaches to help faculty, staff, and administrators maintain momentum in gateway education and assessment during tough times, and reaffirms a commitment to engaged liberal education as the guiding principle for campus action. Attend this meeting to learn new approaches to aligning scarce resources with an ambitious plan for gateway education, and ways to integrate diversity, global, civic learning, and models for advancing scientific and quantitative literacy through real-world curricula and problem-based pedagogies.


23 to 26 Nov 2009

Call for Papers, Showcases and Posters/Exhibits – University-Community engagement for Sustainability, 23-26 Nov, 2009

The conference is co-hosted by Division of Industry & Community Network (BJIM) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in collaboration with Global Alliance on Community Engaged Research (GACER) and UNESCO-APEID. It aims to revisit the missions of universities and to explore ways of making the university-community engagement more meaningful, inclusive and sustainable. It also explores ways to create an environment within universities that is conducive for serious engagement to take place and to flourish.

For detailed information about the conference, please check here or contact the conference secretariat by phone (604) 6534814 / (604) 6532916 or by email < > for any enquiries.

22 to 24 Oct 2009

Call for Proposals - AAC&U Conference
Integrative Learning: Addressing the Complexities, 22-24 Oct, 2009

AAC&U's Network for Academic Renewal invites proposals that analyze the purposes, designs, and institutional supports for integrative learning; the assessment of integrative learning; and approaches to helping students connect their learning across discrete domains of knowledge.

Developing students' ability to integrate and apply learning is an important piece of what makes college education relevant for today's world. On any given day, newspaper headlines point to the need for graduates who are sophisticated in their thinking, able to discern complexity in situations, and motivated to continuously seek better, more responsible solutions to problems encountered in work, in life, and in society. Yet most students enter college unaccustomed to addressing the complexities inherent in disciplinary and cross-disciplinary learning, in applying their knowledge to novel circumstances, or in engaging diverse perspectives, either in day-to-day campus life, or in broader social, political, and economic contexts.

This conference seeks to highlight the new importance of integrative learning ten years into the new century. It will examine the kinds of learning that help students develop a sense of efficacy to tackle the deep and often entrenched problems facing us, and it will show how campuses are documenting and deepening students' integrative learning through assessment.

Submit your proposal online by filling in each field of the submission form as directed. For more information, please call 202.387.3760 or write to

Deadline for submission of proposals: March 11, 2009

1 to 3 Oct 2009

Registration now open for Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility - October 1-3, 2009

AAC&U has opened registration for its first meeting of the next academic year - Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility: Deepening Student and Campus Commitments. The conference will bring together faculty, student affairs personnel, academic administrators, students, and others to explore how to move education for personal and social responsibility to the center of institutional culture and academic practice. The program will feature promising practices that develop students' civic engagement and social responsibility in both a local and global context; personal and academic integrity; ability to examine and understand differing (and often competing) perspectives; and ethical and moral reasoning.

You can go to the conference highlights and workshops to get more information. Enquiries can be directed to (202) 387-3760 or write to

Register online
Early registration reduced rates available now through September 3, 2009. Enquiries can be directed to Cindy Koebke, (202) 387-3760, ext. 428,