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Date Conference
Date Conference

8 to 12 Jul 2009

AAC&U Engaging Departments Institute, 8-12 Jul, 2009

The Engaging Departments Institute will provide campus teams of academic administrators, department chairs, and faculty with an intensive, structured time to advance their plans to foster, assess, and improve student learning within departments and across the institution.

The Institute will concentrate on:

  1. leadership for learning within and among departments,
  2. assessments for achieving and improving essential outcomes, and
  3. preparing for educational effectiveness by identifying and then replacing barriers with aligned effective practices.

For additional information contact Gretchen Sauvey, 202-884-7413 or

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17 to 21 Jun 2009

AAC&U's Greater Expectations Institute: Leadership to Make Excellence Inclusive, 17-21 Jun 2009

The Greater Expectations Institute is a five-day, intensive program designed for campuses working on ways to increase student engagement, inclusion, and high achievement.

The Institute curriculum grows out of AAC&U's long-standing work in diversity and educational quality, most recently brought together under a major initiative, Making Excellence Inclusive.

The framework rests on two beliefs: that a high-quality, practical liberal education should be the standard of excellence for all students, and that diversity and intercultural competence are essential elements of a contemporary liberal education.

For additional information contact Nakia Bell at 202-387-3760 ext. 407 or

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29 May to 3 Jun 2009

AAC&U 2008-09 Institute on Gateway Education, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 29 May-3 Jun 2009

Each year in early summer, AAC&U holds its annual Institute on General Education. The Institute is an opportunity for campus teams to come together to work with consultants and each other on reforming their gateway education programs.


5 to 8 May 2009

World Civic Forum 2009, 5-8 May 2009, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Organized by United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs and Kyung Hee University


26 to 28 Feb 2009

AAC&U’s Spring Meeting on Gateway Education and Assessment, Baltimore, Maryland on 26-28 February 2009

AAC&U’s Network for Academic Renewal meeting, Gateway Education, Assessment, and the Learning Students Need, will explore how well gateway education programs match up with expectations for student accomplishment. It will help campuses align gateway education vision and action, including action to assess and strengthen students’ cumulative learning. The four conference tracks are organized around one or more “big questions” related to philosophical and practical challenges facing campuses today and an expectation of evidence—the ability to show “what’s working” and why.


21 to 24 Jan 2009

AAC&U's Annual Meeting , Seattle, Washington, 21-24 January 2009

AAC&U’s 2009 Annual Meeting, Ready or Not: Global Challenges, College Learning, and America’s Promise: Featured meeting speakers include Molly Corbett Broad of ACE and Peter Sacks, author of Tearing Down the Gates.