Office of Education Development and Gateway Education

GE Conference Support - Second Round

Application Deadline: 15 March 2011


Faculty members who are teaching or proposing GE courses are invited to attend GE-related conferences to inform their GE teaching. The University provides financial support for colleagues who are able to present their findings from the conferences to the university community. To be eligible for GE conference support in 2010/11, the proposed conference should be held by 30 June 2011. Interested colleagues should send the completed application form to the Office of Education Development and General Education (EDGE) at The application deadline is 15 March 2011.

Once a staff member's application for GE conference support is accepted, the staff should seek approval from the Department Head and register for the conference. The maximum GE conference support is 90% of the conference expenses or HK$25,000 per application, whichever is lower.

Application procedures

Staff members should take the following steps if they wish to apply for GE conference support:

  1. Send the completed application form to EDGE at before 15 March 2011
  2. Upon the consent of EDGE, submit formal Staff Development (SD) application to Department Head and then EDGE for approval
  3. Complete conference registration
  4. Obtain reimbursement from the Finance Office before 30 June 2011
  5. Send a copy of the claim form to EDGE for record

Please contact Ms Polly Leung of EDGE at 3442 6703 if you have any enquiries.

The following list sets out a few opportunities for your consideration. You may also propose other conferences of your choice.
Date Conference
new 24 to 26 March 2011
Engaged STEM Learning: From Promising to Pervasive Practices
Miami, Florida

This interactive, hands-on conference will help campuses adapt, scale up, and sustain effective practices in STEM teaching and learning. The conference is designed for participants who wish to develop faculty and institutional leadership in STEM reform, broaden student participation and success in STEM fields, better assess engaged STEM learning in both the majors and gateway education, and connect the revitalization of STEM learning with ongoing campus work in Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP).

Conference website:

new 3 to 6 March 2011
2011 Institute on Gateway Education and Assessment
San José, CA

The Institute on Gateway Education and Assessment (IGEA) provides campus teams with opportunities to refine and advance gateway education programs and their assessment. The IGEA focuses on building a campus learning culture through intentional, well-defined and meaningfully assessed gateway education curricula. During the Institute, teams explore gateway education models, processes of redesign and implementation, clarification and integration of learning outcomes, and strategies for assessment. Admission to the institute is competitive and limited; however, all accredited two-year and four-year institutions are encouraged to apply.

Conference website:
new 3 to 5 March 2011
Gateway Education 3.0: Next-Level Practices Now
Chicago Illinois

The conference will feature a special forum, Pushing Back on the Push to Downsize College, which will engage representatives from key external "publics" - including legislators, funders, and policy experts - about the critical issues of college cost and completion rates and the concomitant drive to downsize college. At a time when more and more students, including large numbers of historically underserved students, are enrolling in college, it is worth examining the push to shrink the college experience and frame these strategies in a larger conversation about educational quality and meaningful access to opportunity.

The audience for the conference includes newcomers to, and veterans of, innovative gateway education reform and assessments that deepen learning. Faculty, student affairs educators, administrators, students, and others are invited to shape a national dialogue about the value of gateway education and to demonstrate its impact on student learning in the college years.

Conference website:
4 to 8 February 2011
Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience
Atlanta, Georgia

Application Deadline: 14 January 2011

The Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience® is designed to provide educators from nearly every corner of higher education a comfortable, welcoming environment to share innovative ideas, programs, tools, and research critical to the first-year experience. The conference aims to promote a comprehensive and engaging community open to the diversity of ideas, in which all delegates are given the opportunity and resources to grow personally and professionally.  The conference continues to welcome undergraduate students to attend and participate, encouraging them to grow their knowledge of the academics, experiences, and communities that surround them.

Conference website:
26 to 29 January 2011
Global Positioning: Essential Learning, Student Success, and the Currency of U.S. Degrees
San Francisco, California

Application Deadline: 7 January 2011

This conference is the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). It will showcase examples from institutions that are staking claim to new global positions and creating opportunities for students to find their own global identities by focusing with renewed intensity on aims, learning outcomes and assessments, curriculum designs, and progressively more challenging learning to develop students’ global capabilities.

Conference website:
new 2 to 3 December 2010
Enhancing Learning Experiences in Higher Education: International Conference
University of Hong Kong

Application Deadline: 31 August 2010

The conference aim is to provide a platform that brings all our partners and stakeholders together, including higher education educators, researchers and students, to exchange knowledge and experience; to appreciate contribution and share achievements; and to update current trends and future development of learning and teaching in higher education. Conference themes include: transition and the first year experience, literacy across the curriculum, experiential learning and co-curricular, Outcome-based approaches to student learning etc.

Conference website:

11 to 13 November 2010
Creativity, Inquiry, and Discovery: Undergraduate Research In and Across the Disciplines
Durham, North Carolina

Application Deadline: 18 October 2010

This conference will showcase promising models of undergraduate research. The conference will also help participants address issues related to the sustainability and evolution of this veteran practice—including aligning undergraduate research with broader student learning goals; integrating research preparation and practice into departmental curricula, courses, and capstone requirements; assessing students’ undergraduate research to see if they have achieved essential learning outcomes; supporting faculty innovation and leadership for these efforts; institutionalizing undergraduate research in and across the disciplines; strengthening offices of undergraduate research; and broadening participation in undergraduate research, especially among underserved students.

Conference website:
21 to 23 October 2010
Facing the Divides: Diversity, Learning, and Pathways to Inclusive Excellence
Houston, Texas

Application Deadline: 27 September 2010

This conference will focus on the creative ways in which colleges and universities are building these bridges and investing in the kind of learning that matters for our shared futures. The organiser invites faculty, administrators, student affairs educators, students, and others to submit proposals that highlight research, promising practices, and innovative institutional structures related to five key areas:

  • Framing Goals for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence;
  • Ensuring Access and Essential Learning;
  • Developing and Assessing Curricular and Co-Curricular Programs;
  • Fostering Identity, Civility, and Democratic Classrooms; and
  • Building Institutional Capacity to Make Excellence Inclusive.

Conference website:

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