GE Core Courses

(This section is only applicable to students entering the "4 minus 1" or "4 minus 2" programmes in 2010/11 and 2011/12)

Students entering the "4 minus 1" or "4 minus 2" programmes in 2010/11 and 2011/12 are required to fulfil the GE requirements composed of the "University Requirements" and "Distributional Requirements". To fulfill the University Requirements, students should take a range of GE core courses designed to help students adapt to the university life and prepare for academic success in the following years.

The GE core courses include:

  1. English (6 credits)

    The GE English comprises two academic English courses: University English and Disicipline Specific English. The University English course focuses on more general aspects of English rhetoric, composition, argumentation and critical reading and writing, and the Discipline Specific English courses on more discipline specific aspects of English. Students with HKALE Grade D or above will enter into the GE English courses directly. Students admitted with HKALE Grade E "Use of English" have to take the English Academic Proficiency (EAP) courses totalling 6 credit units offered by the English Language Centre (ELC) before entering GE English. Students who enter into GE English with HKALE Grade D or above in “Use of English” but demonstrate difficulties will be advised to take auxiliary tutorials in ELC concurrent with the GE English courses. EAP courses will be graded but will not count towards CGPA.

    1. GE English (1): GE 1401 University English (3 credit units)
    2. GE English (2): Discipline Specific English (3 credit units) Students are assigned to one of the following course according to their disciplines
      • GE2401 English for Science
      • GE2402 English for Business Communication
      • GE2403 English and the environment
      • GE2404 Asian Literature in English
      • GE2405 Creative Writing
      • GE2406 Shakespeare: Introduction to Genius
      • GE2407 Reading lives, writing selves: Autobiography and culture
      • GE2408 Travel writing: Discovery and experience
      • GE2409 Words and images: Reading and writing in the 21st Century
      • GE2410 English for engineering
      • GE3401 Exploring English Cinema

    For details of the GE English courses, please visit

  2. GE1501 Chinese Civilisation – History and Philosophy (3 credit units)

    This 3-credit core course on Chinese Civilisation – History and Philosophy helps students explore both the past and present issues in Chinese history and philosophy and also their self-identity in the modern world.

    For more information of the core course on Chinese Civilisation – History and Philosophy, please visit the website of the Chinese Civilisation Centre at