Office of Education Development and Gateway Education

LASSI Online Resources

1. Concentration

Concentrating while studying by Study Guides and Strategies (SGS)

Study Skills: How to improve your concentration by MM Del Rosario (2011)

Effective Learning Skills: concentration, Confidence, and Fun by Rusbult C

Memory Lane - The PLACE for Concentration

Concentration - Basic Guidelines by Cook Counseling Center, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


2. Study Aids

Note talking

Concept Map and Mind mapping


3. Time Management

Time Management by Randy Pausch

Time Management by Study Guides and Strategies (SGS)

How Good is Your Time Management? Discover time management tools that can help you by Mind Tools

A Simple, Effective Time Management System by Center for Learning and Teaching, Cornell University

Time Management by Center for Teaching and Learning, Stanford University

Time management: Tips to reduce stress and improve productivity by Mayo Clinic

Procrastination by Academic Skills Center (ASC), California Polytechnic State University

Overcoming Procrastination by Counseling Center, Texas Woman’s University

Procrastination by Johnny Kelly, Royal College of Art


4. Information Processing

Information Processing by University of New Hampshire

Making it stick: Memorable Strategies to Enhance Learning by Regina G. Richards, LD Online

Introduction to Memory Technique by Mind Tools

Strategies to Enhance Memory Based on Brain-Research by Banikowski, Alison K

Psychology 101 – Cognition Part (8/14) Information Processing by

Library and Information Skills Programme Online by Run Run Shaw Library, City University of Hong Kong

Five Simple Techniques to Improve Your Memory by Ajan Raghunathan,


5. Selecting Main Ideas

Selecting Main Ideas by University of New Hamsphire

Selecting Main Ideas by Saddleback College

An Introduction to Selecting Main Ideas by Academic Planning and Support Services, St. Edwards University

Main Idea by Pearson Education Inc.

Finding Main Ideas in Paragraphs, Glendale Community College

Reading Strategies by Mind Tools


6. Test Strategies

Test Strategies by University of New Hampshire

Ten Tips for Terrific Test Taking by Study Guides and Strategies (SGS)

Exam Strategies by Wilfrid Laurier University

The Essay Exam by Study Guides and Strategies

Test-Taking Strategies by Bucks County Community College

How to Write a Research Proposal by Study Guides and Strategies (SGS)

Multiple Choice Tests by Study Guides and Strategies (SGS)

Open Book Exams by Study Guides and Strategies (SGS)

Study/Exam Tips by Leroy D. Sturges, Iowa State University

Effective Learning Skills: Using Your Time Effectively by Craig Rusbult


7. Anxiety

Anxiety by University of New Hampshire

Academic Pressure: 5 Tips From An Expert On Coping With School Stress by The Huffington Post

Understanding Academic Anxiety by Center for Learning and Teaching, Cornell University

Overcoming Test Anxiety by Study Guides and Strategies (SGS)

Personal Counselling by Student Development Services, City University of Hong Kong


8. Attitude

Attitude by University of New Hampshire

Fight for First Year in College: develop a positive attitude! by Steve Gladis, University of Virginia

Making a successful transition to college by George Reyes, Austin Community College

Staying Motivated in Your Studies: The Importance of a Positive Learning Attitude by Ms Chua Siew Beng, National University of Singapore

Keys to College Success by Milwaukee School of Engineering


9. Motivation

Motivation Strategies by Learning Support Services, University of Houston

Strategies for Success by the University of Michigan

Motivation in Studies by Mr Mathew Linus, National University of Singapore

Strategies and Motives for Personal Education by Craig Rusbult

Reaching Your Goals by University of Minnesota Duluth

Golden Rules of Goal Setting by Mind Tools

Goal Setting by TDGs funded ePortfolio project team, City University of Hong Kong

Factors in Student Motivation by Steven C. Howey, NACADA Executive Office Kansas State University

How Do I Motivate My Students prepared by Mekiva Callahan, Texas Tech University

Motivating Students by School Of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin