Office of Education Development and Gateway Education

Student Contest Support Fund

Note to Applicants

How do I write an explanation/entry about the contest I want to join?
Tell us why you chose this particular contest to join.

Tell us how you are going to prepare for the contest and explain what you can offer: the idea/innovation that you have, how you are going to solve the problem you have identified, etc.

Keep it short.

Say what you can accomplish in one or two concise paragraphs, to interest the Panel in your pitch.

Keep it relevant to the contest objectives.

The Panel reviewers want to know the “what”, “why” and “how”: What are the strengths and advantages of your innovation/idea? Why do you want to enter the contest? How will you manage and present yourself and your innovation/idea at the contest?  

Tell us why your team is uniquely qualified to win. Explain how the background of each team member fits together as a whole. In short, tell the Panel why you and your team should get funded.

Review, Revise and Proofread
A good idea deserves a good presentation. Make sure that you present your idea in the best way and with proper English. Check the vocabulary, grammar, cohesion, coherence, spelling, capitalization, and so on. Please take time to reread each sentence of your explanation when you think you are done.

We want to help. So please help us help you by telling your story clearly and concisely. And if you are unsure about that, come get advice/coaching support from the Innovation Commons, inside the Library (FY 302).