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CityU receives donation from Tin Ka Ping Foundation to promote Chinese culture

10 Apr 2018

Naming of Mr and Mrs Lau Tat Chuen Lecture Theatre
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12 Jan 2018

Naming of Pao Ho Mei Chun Classroom
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10 Jan 2018

Naming of Yue Hwa Lecture Theatre
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5 Dec 2017

Over $12 million raised at CityU Foundation Annual Dinner
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23 Nov 2017

Naming of Chu Wong Yim Fong Classroom
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21 Aug 2017

Naming of Mrs Chao King Lin Study Room
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26 Jul 2017

Leaders Circle luncheon explores collaboration opportunities
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21 Jul 2017

Naming ceremony of Ti Lun Classroom
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17 Jul 2017

AC1 named Yeung Kin Man Academic Building

28 Apr 2017

Leaders Circle boosts University-Industry Partnership
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19 Jan 2017

Naming of Wong’s International Terrace
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2 Dec 2016

Naming Ceremony of Wofoo Foundation Gallery cum Forum on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.

24 Nov 2016

CityU Foundation annual dinner raises over HK$10 million for overseas student exchange and internship programmes
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22 Nov 2016

Lecture theatre named after Chinese Manufacturers’ Association
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4 Oct 2016

Generous donor supports elite CityU students
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22 Aug 2016

Classroom named after Mr and Mrs Danny Yung
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28 May 2016

AC2 named after Dr Li Dak-sum and Ms Yip Yio-chin

28 Apr 2016

Naming ceremony of Ariel Wang Classroom

12 Mar 2016

CityU scholarship supports ethnic minorities from mainland

1 Feb 2016

Classroom named after Mr and Mrs Chan Kwok-yuen

16 Jan 2016

CityU Foundation dinner thanks supporters

26 Nov 2015

Naming of Mr and Mrs Or Sik Ling Classroom
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14 Nov 2015

$200 million gift will boost CityU’s development
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8 Sep 2015

Naming of Rotary Club of New Territories Classroom
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22 Aug 2015

CityU receives donation from Dr Koo Ming-kown

25 Jun 2015

Chow Sang Sang Group Scholarships Presentation Ceremony in support of students for joint CityU–Columbia University degree programme

28 Apr 2015

Donation & Establishment Ceremony for the "Li Dak Sum & Yip Yio Chin Development Fund for Veterinary Medicine"

14 Mar 2015

Naming of Mr & Mrs Chan Hon Pun Lecture Theatre
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20 Dec 2014

CityU 30th Anniversary Banquet

16 Jun 2014

A bronze statue of Dr Sun Yat-sen unveiled on 2 May at CityU commemorates the contributions of the founding father of modern China.

2 May 2014

CityU lecture theatre named after Mr Benjamin Kwok Chan-yiu

8 Jan 2014

Thanksgiving dinner in appreciation of CityU friends’ support

19 Nov 2013

CityU dedicates the main lecture theatre in AC3 to war heroes

11 Oct 2013

Chan Feng Men-ling Chan Shuk-lin English Language Centre Naming Ceremony   [Photo Album | Video - Highlight | Video]

10 Oct 2013

Moon Chun Multi-function Hall Naming Ceremony

30 May 2013

First Japanese tea room at local university campus opens at CityU

11 Mar 2013

CityU renames lecture theatre after Mr and Mrs David Chow Tak-fung
  [Photo Album | Video]

21 Jan 2013

CityU renames lecture hall in honour of alumnus Dr Raymond Leung Siu-hong

24 Dec 2012

Thanksgiving dinner showcases successes   [Photo Album | Video]

23 Nov 2012

CityU names table tennis room after table tennis enthusiast

16 Oct 2012

CityU renames teaching facilities to thank alumni for contributions

10 Oct 2012

CityU names student residence after Sir Gordon and Lady Ivy Wu

18 Apr 2012

CityU launches Hong Kong’s first scholarship for heritage management

20 Mar 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner for CityU supporters

17 Nov 2011

From calligraphy to success

07 Nov 2011

President’s Circle Meeting cum Recognition Dinner 2011

18 Oct 2011

HK$125 million gift from Joseph Lau Luen-hung Charitable Trust

23 Sep 2011

Vet school support from alumnus at MMR naming ceremony

24 Jun 2011

Caring Card Campaign 2010

29 Mar 2011

CityU’s Creative Media Centre named after Sir Run Run Shaw

17 Mar 2011

Enchanting Chinese calligraphy exhibition by prominent business leader

22 Feb 2011

CityU establishes President’s Circle at Thanksgiving Dinner

26 Nov 2010

CityU lecture theatre dedicated to alumnus Dr John Chan Chun-tung

12 Oct 2010

CityU receives $100 million donation from The Shaw Foundation

22 Sep 2010

CityU names career centre after grandmother of distinguished alumnus

07 Sep 2010

Video series encourages community leaders to play a role in university education

05 Mar 2010

Sports centre named after Mr Hu Fa Kuang

19 Jan 2010

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