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Animal Welfare Series 2016:
Animals as Pets and Companions to People

CityU Library, in conjunction with Centre of Animal Welfare, College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences, are proud to present:

‘Animal Welfare Series 2016’

The theme of this year’s Animal Welfare series topics focus on Animals as Pets and Companions to people.

    Caring for Senior Pets II (16 October 16)  
Animal Population Management (13 September 16)
Senior Pet Talk I (16 August 16)

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Animal Behaviour II (30 July 16)

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    Animal Behaviour I (14 July 16)

Animal Protection Law (24 May 16)

    Companion Animal Welfare Ethics (13 April 16)

    Animal Welfare Series 2016: Talk on Companion Animal Welfare (15 Mar 16)

    Animal Welfare Series 2016 Opening Talk on Pet Adoption

    Stories of Adopted Pets @ CityU  


Nine talks are lined up for this Animal Welfare Series that will address, review and tackle some of the welfare, ethical and often controversial issues associated with the keeping of companion animals. Speakers from different organisations and institutions will be invited to take part in the talks.

The first two talks are in February and March 2016, the remaining talks in the Series will follow on a monthly basis. Please come back to this site to check for the release and update on the details of these talks