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Report of Web-Seminar: What makes a cat a cat, and how to set up a cat friendly practice?

Web-Seminar series on Feline Medicine

The College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences at CityU conducts webinars or web-based seminars in veterinary science in order to increase access to high quality CPE for veterinary professionals living away from Hong Kong.

The 2016 series is on feline medicine and is hosted by Professor Danielle Gunn-Moore.

Prof Gunn-Moore, a specialist and internationally recognised expert in feline medicine, is a popular and well respected clinician who has worn several accolades for her contribution to feline medicine. She has strong research interests in the field of mycobacterial infections, feline infectious diseases, aging changes affecting feline brains and FLUTD. She is the current Chair in Feline Medicine at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh.

The first webinar for 2016 was on January 28th. It was a great success with over 170 participants from several countries in Asia and a few from the rest of the world. The topic of the webinar was ‘What makes a cat a cat and how to set up a cat friendly practice’.

Prof Gunn-Moore first discussed the features of cats that make them unique. She went on to describe how these features needed addressing in the clinic and how they contribute to difficulties in diagnosing and managing disease conditions. Prof Gunn-Moore illustrated the different facial expressions and body postures of a cat and how to interpret them. In my opinion, this was the highlight of the webinar, as it is highly relevant information, not just to the veterinary profession, but to the community at large.

The webinar then focussed on the optimal way to set up a clinic and conduct a consultation and examination on a cat. Prof Gunn-Moore shared several useful tips to make feline consults less stressful – for the cat, the owner as well as the veterinarians!

The participants were very enthusiastic and had several questions for Prof Gunn-Moore, which she answered in great detail.

Overall, the webinar went a long way in providing much needed professional education opportunities to veterinarians, especially those in areas remote from ongoing high quality CPE events.

The SVM at CityU, in partnership with Hills Far East, would like to thank Prof Danielle Gunn-Moore for presenting the webinar series in feline medicine in 2016.

To view the webinar online (you must have registered for the webinar), click on the following link:

The next webinar in this series is on May 26th at 9PM (Hong Kong time)

Videos of the Web-Seminar