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11 Dec 2013 The 4th South China Small Animal Veterinary Conference CVMLS Event
26 Sep 2014 Emerging Technologies Forum - Veterinary Science and Medicine CVMLS Event
21 Nov 2013 International Animal Welfare Symposium CVMLS Symposium
31 Mar 2015 Where do emerging diseases come from? - A One Health Lecture CVMLS Seminar
22 May 2015 Genomics of Worms, with an Emphasis on Carcinogenic Liver Fluke CVMLS Event
22 Apr 2016 Dientamoebiasis – an emerging zoonosis CVMLS Event
16 Oct 2016 Animal Welfare Series 2016:
Animals as Pets and Companions to People
29 Mar 2017 The President's Lecture Series: Birds, People and Avian Influenza Seminar
17 Jul 2017 Seminar on Swine Health and Production CVMLS Seminar
12 Aug 2017 "East Meets West" Educational Series – Osteoarthritis BMS Symposium
29 Aug 2017 Identifying consequential microRNAs and their targets in CD8+ T cells BMS Seminar
29 Aug 2017 Practical Haematology Workshop CPE
4 Sept 2017 Management of Addisonian Crisis CPE
8 Sept 2017 Single Molecule Localization Microscopy and Its Applications BMS Seminar
18 Sept 2017 Demodex in Dogs: Is the Long Party Finally Over? CPE
3 Oct 2017 Physical Organic Chemistry in Drug Product Development – My Industrial-Chemist Career with Pharma BMS Seminar
13 Oct 2017 The crossroad of metabolism and immunity in liver cancer BMS Seminar
19 Oct 2017 Targeting NMDA receptors: to inhibit or to enhance? BMS Seminar
16 Oct 2017 A Visit to the Veterinary Mind Temple: What is new and helping us understand Veterinary Mental Health CPE
25 Oct 2017 New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Strategy CPE
31 Oct 2017 Waterworks matters - A practical workshop looking at the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract disease CPE
2 Nov 2017 BMS Workshop on Neuroscience of Glia Cells BMS Workshop
3-4 Nov 2017 4th Hong Kong International Oncology Symposium 2017
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BMS Symposium
8 Nov 2017 Single-Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy BMS Seminar
13 Nov 2017 Academic Entrepreneurs, New Technologies, and Building Companies to Treat Disease BMS Seminar
14 Nov 2017 1st Hong Kong RNA Club Symposium
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BMS Symposium
15 Nov 2017 Rod and cone signaling pathways in normal, mutant and diseased mammalian retinas BMS Seminar
16 Nov 2017 “Destemming” liver cancer stem cells as a novel strategy against liver cancer BMS Seminar
17 Nov 2017 Vibrio cholerae's gut feelings BMS Seminar
18-19 Nov 2017 The Thirteenth Chinese Laboratory Medicine Conference: “Precision and Integration in Laboratory Medicine” BMS Conference