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About Us

The CityU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Company Ltd (CityU VDL) at City University of Hong Kong is a subsidiary of City University and commenced operations on 4 December 2017.

The mission of the laboratory is to provide a comprehensive veterinary diagnostic service to the veterinarians and researchers of Hong Kong. As the College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences (CVMLS) develops the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine programme and students enter the clinical years of their course, the CityU VDL will contribute to veterinary teaching. The CityU VDL is in a unique position to offer support into animal disease research. Scholarly publication, interdisciplinary collaborations, and local veterinarian engagement via continuing education events are encouraged. Collaboration with medical professionals provide opportunities for diagnosis and research into zoonotic diseases under the ‘One Health’ concept.

The CityU VDL is operated by specialist veterinary diagnosticians, using the Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC) of Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine training and standards, and is committed to providing accurate, timely and user-friendly testing services to the veterinary community of Hong Kong and the region. With the increasing size and sophistication of the Hong Kong veterinary community and the drive to modernize veterinary medicine, a world-class veterinary diagnostic laboratory aids the advancing veterinary community.

The CityU VDL benefits veterinary clinicians, pets and pet owners, farmers and their livestock, biomedical researchers, animal parks, and wildlife by providing a comprehensive, quality veterinary diagnostic service delivered in a timely manner. It is an additional resource for identifying, tracking and addressing emerging animal diseases and public health issues.


The CityU VDL has three significant objectives to pursue:

  1. To provide a quality, timely, diagnostic service to the Hong Kong and regional veterinary community
  2. To collaborate with the CVMLS in the teaching of the veterinary diagnostic disciplines
  3. To contribute to research and disease investigations into regional veterinary diseases of animal and public health importance


The major sections and services of the laboratory offered include:

  • Anatomic pathology: Post mortem examinations, surgical biopsy evaluation, dermatopathology and diagnostic immunohistochemistry. (Open now)
  • Bacteriology/Mycology: Aerobic and anaerobic culture and MALDI/TOF identification of bacterial pathogens or fungi. In addition, antibiotic sensitivity will be available. (Opening soon)
  • Molecular diagnostics: Detection of DNA or RNA from the common infectious agents of domestic and exotic animals. (Opening soon)
  • Serology: Antigen capture ELISA, antibody ELISA, immunofluorescent antibody testing (IFAT), and microscopic agglutination tests (MAT) for common infectious agents of domestic and exotic animals. (Opening soon)
  • Parasitology: Detection and identification of animal parasites from animal faeces, tissues, fluids and environmental samples. (Opening soon)
  • • Clinical pathology: Laboratory testing of animal specimens by haematology, clinical chemistry, diagnostic cytology, immunocytochemistry, immunophenotyping, endocrinology and urinalysis. (Opening soon)

Test List & Submission Form

For a full list of tests offered by CityU VDL, please click the link below to download our Service Book in PDF format: CityU VDL Service Book

Please click on the following link to download our submission form in PDF format: CityU VDL Sample Submission Form

For price enquiry or other information, please contact us at 3442-6538 or

CityU VDL Quarterly Newsletter

CityU VDL has a newsletter released quarterly. The newsletter includes the latest updates on tests and services at the laboratory. It also contain interesting cases that we see here at CityU VDL that we would like to share with other veterinarians. Please find below our current available issues for download.


Full list of CityU VDL staff