Hong Kong Laboratory

  • System Informatics and Quality Engineering Research Laboratory

  • Due to significant advancements in computer hardware/software technology and automated data collection systems (eg., internet, scanning, sensors, and RFID), there are tremendous opportunities for research in statistical modeling, data mining, machine learning, simulation, and optimization. Established in 2009, the System Informatics and Quality Engineering Research Laboratory aims to provide a platform to develop efficient and effective quantitative modeling techniques and implementation strategies for quality engineering, process monitoring and surveillance, data and knowledge mining, planning and decision making, and system performance optimization in various applications, such as public health and healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation activities. The lab brings together statisticians, engineers, computer scientists, and physical scientists from around the world working on interdisciplinary research topics and plays a role in developing theories and applications of quality and system informatics in Asia and the Pacific.

Shenzhen Laboratory

  • Centre for Systems Informatics Engineering, Shenzhen Office

  • The laboratory in Shenzhen was established in CityU's Shenzhen Research Institute in 2011. It specialises in PHM (prognostics and systems health management) implementation. Experiments are constructed to monitor whole life cycles of mechanisms and batteries to develop algorithms to prognosticate potential faults and remaining useful life. The aim is to improve product reliability by providing advanced reliability design, testing and management methods, based on prognostics and systems health management (PHM) implementation concepts for industry. Supported by distinguished professors who have expertise in applied statistics, data mining, signal processing, reliability design, prognostics, and system communication, the laboratory has the capability to make a brilliant contribution to its area of research.

Smart Engineering Asset Management Laboratory(SEAM)

  • Smart Engineering Asset Management Laboratory(SEAM)

    SEAM is an industry - CityU joint project established through generous donations and sponsorships from industry. The SEAM Laboratory was established to do comprehensive research on equipment maintenance and quality inspection. The goal is to introduce the latest technology to local professional engineers and organizations. With support from the Court Optical Nondestructive Testing Laboratory (CNDT), which is also a MEEM laboratory Committed to quality inspection, SEEM is able to achieve breakthroughs in its research.

Croucher Optical Nondestructive Testing (CNDT) Laboratory

  • Croucher Optical Nondestructive Testing (CNDT) Laboratory

    CNDT Laboratory is supported by the Croucher Foundation. The objective of this foundation is to advance the standard of natural science, technology and medicine in Hong Kong's awards and grants to scientists based in and serving Hong Kong. The mission of this laboratory is to develop and apply optical methods for non-destructive testing (NDT) and quality inspection.