January 1996

  1. Use of radiation materials and/or irradiating apparatus is governed by the CityU Radiation Safety Guidelines (Attachment 1 – RP001/CityU Radiation Safety) which has been distributed to all Heads of Departments, Heads of Research Centres, Laboratory managers and Deans/Principal.
  2. All users of radiation materials and/or irradiating apparatus must be formally registered with the Radiation Protection Officer (Attachment 2) and must agree to operate within the published guidelines.
  3. Users may request provision of a radiation Monitoring Service where their work involves continual exposure (Attachment 3).
  4. Users are required to keep an up to date inventory of all radiation materials/apparatus in use and to submit regular reports to the RPO. The inventory is to be available for inspection.
  5. The purchase of any radiation materials/apparatus requires prior approval from the RPO. Materials/apparatus are delivered to the central Faculty Laboratory store. Distribution to departments will occur only when conformation of approval has been obtained.
  6. All research projects which include the use of radiation materials/apparatus require prior approval from the RPO before consideration by the Research Committee (Attachment 4).
  7. Users are required to keep records of all waste disposal procedures and activities. Where waste is discharged into the sewerage system the RPO must be informed in advance of the estimated monthly quantities.