Ordinances & Regulations


2.1) Water Pollution Control Ordinance, Cap. 358


I. TM sets acceptable limits for water discharging into sewers, drains, inland & coastal water

II. Following substances will not be permitted to be discharged into the foul sewers of City University of Hong Kong

        Prohibited substances - FOUL SEWERS

polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB)

polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)

fumigant or pesticide

radioactive substance

chlorinated hydrocarbons

flammable or toxic solvents

petroleum oil or tar

calcium carbide

wastes liable to form scum or deposits in any part of the public sewer

any substance of a nature and quantity likely to damage the sewer or to interface with any of the treatment  processes

III. Sewers of City University are connected to Government sewage treatment plants & the effluent standard is shown in attachment I


2.2) Waste Disposal (Chemical Waste) (General) Regulation under Waste Disposal Ordinance Cap.354

It defines what are Chemical Wastes (shown in attachment II)

It requires the waste producers to register and handle the wastes for treatment or disposal in an approved ways.