A Face-lift in Room Neptune

Horizontal Rule [Dec 98]

Mei Ling Lee

One Thursday afternoon, Ian, who is a lecturer, met his colleague Teresa at the podium on Level 4 and they were chatting away in a corner. Let's hear what they were talking about.

"Hi, Teresa. Where are you going?" Ian asked.

Teresa smiled and replied, "I'm going to attend the CSC Forum in Room Neptune of the CSC Student Terminal Area. Have you been there lately?"

Ian nodded his head and said, "Of course, just a fortnight ago. And I've noticed that they have upgraded the equipment and added new facilities in the room."

"Really? What are they?" asked Teresa.

Ian counting with his fingers and said, "Em! Let me see! A new lectern with built-in microphone, an additional screen for visualiser or additional PC, a touch-panel system for integrated operation such as control of zone and preset lighting, LD and VCR. And..."

"How about the PC?" asked Teresa.

"Oh yes! A new and powerful PC with built-in DVD-ROM drive and ZIP drive. The sound quality and arrangement are better and there are ceiling built-in microphones for videoconferencing too, " replied Ian.

Teresa looked at her watch. "It sounds great! I'd better go now and experience the new facilities myself. So see you later, bye!"

To find out whether Ian is telling the truth or not, come and see for yourself by attending our CSC Forums and CSC Small Talks.

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