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Issue 61 - September 2009


High Performance Computing Made Easy with Windows HPC Server 2008
High Performance Computing (HPC) implies extremely expensive hardware and software installations, intensive training to get accustomed to unfamiliar tools and working environment, heavy administration costs for daily operations, only relevant to complex, large scale and long-running number crunching applications, and ...

Blackboard/e-Portal Health Check

Blackboard (Bb) is adopted by the university as the standard platform for e-Learning and e-Portal. It is widely used by all CityU members for teaching, learning, announcements, wiki and blog, as well as making use of its single sign on feature to access AIMS, Booking Systems and other Departmental Services. To ensure the 24x7 availability of this mission critical service ...

Technology Corner

Web Application Security: A Recapitulation
World Wide Web is growing extremely fast in the past few years. Counting only the number of new websites responding to an online web server survey has already recorded an increase of 2,137,329 in June 2009 (a jump from 235,890,526 to ...

What’s New in Internet Explorer 8?
Microsoft had shipped the final version of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) and it has made available for installation during windows update. The new browser has better tab handling....

Windows 7 – A First Glimpse

The whole world is excited by Windows 7, which is coming out on 22nd October. But why it is called Windows 7? Microsoft says that it is the 7th major version of Windows. There will be 6 editions of Windows 7:
1. Starter: available only in the OEM channel on new PCs limited to specific types of hardware, for example, low powered netbooks...


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