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Issue 60 - June 2009


Upgrade Strategy for the CityU’s SAN Infrastructure
Following the established policy of storage consolidation, a Network Storage System (NSS) based on EMC storage subsystem was first installed in 2001 as the standard platform for providing central and shared storage for the entire University. Since then, this large SAN system has become an indispensable and essential part of the University’s IT infrastructure ...

What's Up?

Quota Controlled Fast Network Printers for the Terminal Areas
The Computing Services Centre (CSC) implemented the Quota Controlled Printing System in December 2003 to better manage student printing activities initiated from open access computers in its Terminal Areas ...

Blocking of Access to Websites Removed
The blooming of the internet in the 1990’s not only made it become an invaluable spring of educational support, but also an unrestricted and uncontrolled source of less desirable materials. In order to conserve and make best use of the IT resources of ...

Support for Students with Special Needs at CSC Student Terminal Area
Most students may find learning at the CityU an enjoyable experience with the advanced IT facilities in place. However, some students with disability may have difficulties ...
Phasing out of NCS Opscan 8/50 Optical Mark Reader
The Computing Services Centre (CSC) has provided multiple-choice examination marking and survey data capturing for more than 20 years. The high-speed scanner (NCS Opscan 8/50) for supporting ...

IT Security Awareness

How to Create a Good Password
A good password is easy to remember but hard to crack. It should be long (at least 8 characters, 14 characters or longer is ideal), complex (include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols), difficult to guess (appear to be totally random to anyone except you), and easy for you to remember ...


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