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Issue 52 - June 2007

Migration to Microsoft Outlook
Eudora has been staff's standard email client software since the 1990s. Due to its weak security features and the lack of multi-language features, it is no longer a suitable email client tool for most of our users. The Computing Services Centre (CSC) has been providing support to both Microsoft Outlook Express and Outlook as alternative email tools for several years with the aim of...

What's Up?

Meet the Challenges of Upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Office 2007 was released early this year. This latest version of Office is designed to work with the new Windows Vista but is also compatible with Windows XP. It offers many new features and functionality that will be beneficial to users.  However, the two main challenges with upgrading to Office 2007 are the significantly different user interface to previous versions of Office and the new XML-based document formats.  Let's look at each of ...
CityU Staff (Search): Finding Staff Has Never Been So Easy
The new 'CityU Staff (Search)' function on the CityU homepage has been released on 9 May 2007. This allows the public to search for any current staff member of the University by name, email address, or office phone number. It is a common feature on many universities' homepages. Such a function was available on an earlier version of the CityU homepage, but was later removed due to...

Wireless LAN Enhancement Progress
With the deployment of the new Aruba Wireless LAN (WLAN) System and installation of new access points in the past two years, we have over 600 access points supporting IEEE802.11a, b and g standards scattered around the main campus, Festival Walk Office and the Student Residence. The main campus is provided with full wireless coverage capable of supporting...

Fast Printing Service Relieves Heavy Print Load
The Computing Services Centre (CSC) announced the new fast printing service as a supplement to the existing quota-based printing service to all students on Jan 31 2007 (Ref.: Network Computing Issue 51 - March 2007). As expected, this service was well received by students. The...


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