Quota Controlled Fast Print Queue - free service (Guideline for Mac Users)

(For more information, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions / Practice / Policies for this service)

Quota Controlled Fast Print Queue service is provided in Computing Services Centre to enhance the existing quota-based printing service with the following advantages:

  • A unique print queue for multiple printers
  • Release of print jobs at the most convenient time and location
  • Deduction of print quota at printing instead of job submission
  • Provision of papers for printing

High performance printers can be found at the following locations:

  • AC2 4/F near CSC Service Counter (2 Konica Minolta printers)
  • AC2 4/F Corridor (2 Konica Minolta printers)
  • AC2 5/F Main Entrance (1 Konica Minolta printer)
  • AC2 5/F near Room 5503 (1 Konica Minolta printer)
  • AC2 G/F Room G600 (2 Konica Minolta printers)
  • CMC 4/F (2 Konica Minolta printers)

Users can also release their print jobs inside CityU Library at the following locations (the printers are maintained by Library)

  • Inside Information Space (2 Konica Minolta printers)
  • Inside Printing Rooms of Oval Area (3 Konica Minolta printers)

Users can submit their print jobs through the notebooks anywhere.

They can then release the print job and pick them up at the release station by using their CityU ID Card. The print quota will be deducted when user release the print job.

In order to speed up the central printing system so as to cope with heavy printing demand at the beginning of Semester A, students are strongly recommended not to submit their print jobs until they are ready to be released at the printing station as the performance of central printing system will be seriously affected if too many print jobs are submitted without being released.

ALL submitted print jobs must be released within 1 hour or else they will be deleted automatically and students will have to re-submit their print jobs.

Steps for printing: (For Mac OS X 10.10)

  1. Add printer for Quota Controlled Fast Print Queue
    1. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.
    2. Choose Printers & Scanners from the View menu.
    3. Click the + button to add a printer.
    4. Press the Control key while clicking the "Default" icon (or any other icon on the toolbar), then choose Customize Toolbar from the contextual menu that appears.
    5. Drag the Advanced (gear) icon to the toolbar.
    6. Click Done.
    7. Click the Advanced icon that was added to the toolbar.
    8. Choose Windows printers via spoolss from the Type pop-up menu.
    9. In the URL field, type smb://ccstung1.ad.cityu.edu.hk/Quota_FastPQ_KonicaMinolta
    10. In the Name field, type Quota Fast PQ (Konica Minolta).
    11. In the Print Using field, select Choose Generic PCL Laser Printer.
    12. Click Add.
      Add Printer window
    13. Tick the Duplexer checkbox, then click OK.
      Tick the Duplexer Checkbox
  2. Print to the print queue in your application
    (Choose "Quota Fast PQ (Konica Minolta)" for Konica Minolta printer)

    Specify print queue

    Mac will prompt for your name and password. Please choose "Registered User" and enter your name as "cityumd\<EID>" and then your password. (where <EID> is your EID)
    Prompt username and password

Go to Step 3 for the procedures of releasing print jobs at Release Station.


Steps for printing: (For Mac OS X 10.9 or below)

  1. Add printer for Quota Controlled Fast Print Queue
    (Followings are the setup steps for Mac OS X 10.8. The steps will be different for different versions of Mac System)

    1. Go to http://localhost:631 through Safari
    2. Select "Administration" in the top menu
      Admin Menu
    3. Click "Add Printer"
      Add Printer
    4. Authenticate if requested
    5. Select "Windows printer via spoolss" and press "Continue"
      Add Windows printer
    6. Type "smb://cityumd;LOGIN:PASSWORD@ccstung1.ad.cityu.edu.hk/quota_fastpq_konicaminolta" in the "Connection" field and press "Continue" (replace LOGIN with your EID and PASSWORD with your password)
      Input smb String
    7. Type a name in the "Name" field, for example Quota_FastPQ and press "Continue"
      Enter Printer Name
    8. Select "Generic" as the printer manufacturer from the "Make" list and press "Continue"
      Select Generic printer
    9. Select "Generic PCL Laser Printer" as the printer model from the "Model" list and press "Add Printer"
      Select Generic PCL Driver
    10. Set the "Media Size" to A4 and then click "Options Installed"
      Set Media Size to A4 Size
    11. Set "Duplexer" to "Installed" and press "Set Default Options"
      Set Duplexer to installed
    12. "Printer default options have been set successfully" will be shown
      Printer Installed

  2. Print to the print queue in your application

    Specify print queue


  3. Go to the Release Station, place your CityU ID Card on the smart card reader

    Print Release station

  4. Click "Print" on the job you want to release

    Click Print to release job

  5. Click "Done" to exit

    Click Done to exit