Frequently Asked Questions on Microsoft Live @ edu for CityU (mslive)

  1. What services can I get from mslive?

    Microsoft Live @ edu service (mslive) is an optional service hosted by Microsoft for enhancing University staff’s and students’ personal messaging, social networking and collaboration experiences. The email service of mslive with domain name “” is considered as a supplement of the University Email service. The following is a summary of the functions and features of mslive:

    • Web-based Email with spam-blocking support through Windows Live Hotmail
      • 5GB mailbox supporting up to 10MB attachment per Email
      • Supports POP3/IMAP for popular Email Clients
      • Supports Outlook Connector for Office Outlook
    • Online calendar for sharing through Windows Live Calendar
    • Password protected storage for 1000+ documents in Microsoft Office Live
    • Instant messaging for on-line chats, conference and collaboration through Windows Live Messenger
    • Blogs, sharing and collaborations with user customizable interface through Windows Live Space
    • Storage space of total 7GB through Windows Live SkyDrive
    • Photo sharing through Windows Live Photos
    • Downloadable tools such as Writer, Messenger, Photo Galary, Movie Maker etc.
    • No advertisements will come with the services for current staff and students
    • Commit to comply with policies and practice for service safety and privacy
    • Smartphone/PDA support ready

    Please refer to the following pages for details:

  2. What is the relationship of this service with the other University provided Email services?

    mslive, like GApps, is considered a supplementary Email service for staff and students for enriching your social networking experiences and collaborations with other university members as well as friends on the Internet. The existing University Email service (i.e. "" and "") will still be used for conducting University business and communicating with students and staff.

  3. Who is entitled to use the mslive?

    All University staff and students are eligible to enjoy the service. Accounts for accessing this service will be provided upon successful application.

  4. How can I apply for a mslive account?

    You may apply for an mslive account from the Email Services homepage

  5. What is the username notation of the mslive account?

    The username or account name will be in the format "<EID>>" where <EID> is the Electronic ID of the user. Since the service is hosted by Microsoft, and for security reasons, you are recommended to supply a different password from the account you use in the University Email service (i.e. <EID> for staff or <EID> for students).

  6. Will the University use mslive account to communicate with us?

    Except for information related to the mslive services or account management, all University related information will be dispatched through the formal University Email service (i.e. <EID> for staff and <EID> for students).

  7. How can I start using the mslive account?

    Account will normally be ready either 2 hours after successful applications made between 9:00am – 8:00pm on the same day, or early next day if the application is made after 8:00pm. You may go to for the account activation and subsequent logons.

  8. Should I use the mslive account to conduct University related business?

    Although Microsoft has declared that it will protect the data and privacy for this service, the University recommends all users to refrain from using the mslive account to conduct university related business. In fact, all sensitive information should be carefully handled and should not be sent through any Email, including the University Email service, without proper encryption.

  9. How do I set up my Outlook to access the mslive account and manage my account?

    All Windows Live Hotmail accounts including mslive accounts can be used with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or Office Outlook 2003. To access your mslive account, you must first install the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector for Windows Live Hotmail available from Microsoft.

  10. Does Windows Live offer support for POP3?

    Yes, you can retrieve the email in your mslive account with a client or device that supports POP3.

    Pop3 Availability in Windows Live Hotmail:

    Send and Receive Windows Live Hotmail from a Mail Client:

    However, “Outlook Connector” is the preferred way for connecting Microsoft Outlook with mslive account.

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