Urgent Upgrade of CityU IP Phone System

The IP Phone service has been serving our University for 10 years and our current version is becoming obsolete. Owing to various reasons, the upgrade of the IP Phone system was delayed from our original plan. However, problems begin to appear which can only be resolved with an upgrade and luckily the upgrade has recently been approved. In order to prevent the IP Phone service from further deteriorating and reduce the risk of service interruption during critical moments, an urgent upgrade to the Phone service, both hardware and software, is scheduled on 19 August 2012 (Sunday) . This upgrade will also improve the performance and stability of our IP Phone system (IPP). As the upgrade is a very complicated one and the service is serving a high population of users at all time, special arrangements will be applied during the transition period to reduce the impact to our users.

1. Frozen period of user defined data

The upgrade needs to freeze user data such as user passwords, personal phone books, user defined greetings, line settings, etc. of the old system and migrate these data to the new system. The frozen period is from 6 August 2012 00:00 to 19 August 2012 23:59 inclusively. Users are advised not to change any user data during the frozen period. If unavoidably, users have to make changes to one of the above sets of data within the frozen period, the changes made will not be migrated to the new system. Users have to be aware that they need to re-do the changes again in the new system after the migration.

2. New prime number for accessing the old voice mails

A new voice mail server will be used in the IPP to take and store users' new voice mails after 09:30 19 August 2012. Owing to technical reason, voice mails stored in the old voice mail server cannot be migrated to the new server. After the migration, users can still access their old voice mails received on or before 09:30 19 August 2012 by dialing extension “7000”. This service of retrieving old voice emails will remain accessible until 31 December 2012.

3. Switch over to the new IPP System

The CityU IPP service will be switched over to the new system at 09:30 19 August 2012. User may experience very short periods of service interruption, such as no phone and voice mail services, during transition period.

If you have any enquiry, please e-mail to csc@cityu.edu.hk. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Computing Services Centre
1 August 2012