Student Computer Literacy Programme

About Student Computer Literacy Programme

  • In the IT age, every field of study calls for various extend of computer knowledge and productivity skills, such as writing, presentation, design, calculation, simulation, analysis, and so on. To equip our students with these fundamental IT skills for their study, research and work after graduation, the Computing Services Centre sees the need to provide such training besides their formal curriculum.
  • A free Student Computer Literacy Programme (SCLP) has been organised every year to fulfill the above objectives since 1985. SCLP is a series of computer short courses organised and repeated throughout each academic year with priorities given to new students. These courses are offered on a voluntary basis and do not carry any credit. The SCLP keeps abreast with technology changes and grows rapidly.

Course Enrolment through the Web

  1. Enter URL ( at your browser to reach the CSC Student Computer Literacy Programme Website and choose the button "Enroll" at the top of page.
  2. Use your University EID and application account password (which is same as your email account password) to login.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to make your choices.

Course Enrolment Results

  • The cut-off date for submitting application and the date of announcement of the enrolment result are 10 days and 6 days before a course respectively. The enrolment result will be posted at the entrance of the CSC Student Terminal Area and will be sent to your electronic mail account as well.
  • Successfully enrolled students who are absent from a course without prior notice will be given lower priority when they submit application again.

Course and Training Material

  • The programme now offers various computer courses covering different areas (Microsoft Office, Web 2.0, Graphics & Image Processing, Chinese Input Method, Windows and computer security) and levels (Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced).
  • The CSC has set up a web site on SCLP ( where students can obtain an introduction of the programme, check class schedule, examine course descriptions, submit course application or withdraw enrolled courses, download course materials (such as course notes, exercise, exercise data file, sample output and PowerPoint slide shows), and chat in the forum.

Class Arrangement

  • After receiving course applications from students through web, the system will determine the successful candidates according to preset priorities. It will then inform students about their application outcomes, and update the enrolment records.
  • When a class starts, all the enrolled students need to mark their attendance by using their CityU smart card. Walk-in students are also welcomed provided that there are still some empty seats after a class has begun for 15 minutes. However, no more students will be accepted after a class has begun for 30 minutes in order to prevent those on-time students from being disturbed by late students.