CityU Souvenirs

These items are now available at Cut Price Shop on 4/F Yeung Kin Man Academic Building.

Opening Hour: Monday to Friday 09:30 – 19:30
  Saturday 09:30 – 16:00
  Sunday and Public Holiday Closed
Enquiries: 3442 7259  
Product Photo
Item No.: cpro001
Price: HK$22
Item No.: cpro002
Price: HK$10
Sticky memo pad
Item No.: cpro003
Price: HK$16
USB Flash Drive (16GB)
Item No.: cpro004
Price: HK$95
Crystal paper weight (tinted)
Item No.: cpro005
Price: HK$150
Item No.: cpro007
Price: HK$20
Plastic ball pen
Item No.: cpro008
Price: HK$8
Document folder
Item No.: cpro009
Price: HK$23
Parker pen
Item No.: cpro010
Price: HK$200
Item No.: cpro011
Price: HK$10
Item No.: cpro012
Price: HK$65
T-shirt (White)
Item No.: cpro013
Price: HK$70
T-shirt (Black)
Item No.: cpro014
Price: HK$70
Necktie (Blue)
Item No.: cpro015
Price: HK$113
Necktie (Red)
Item No.: cpro016
Price: HK$113
Item No.: cpro017
Price: HK$114
Pewter stand
Item No.: cpro018
Price: HK$867
Item No.: cpro019
Price: HK$150
Mug 1
Item No.: cpro020
Price: HK$50
Mug 2
Item No.: cpro021
Price: HK$50
Tote bag 1
Item No.: cpro022
Price: HK$30
Tote bag 2
Item No.: cpro023
Price: HK$30
Mobile stand
Item No.: cpro024
Price: HK$10
Coaster set
Item No.: cpro025
Price: HK$50

Glass tea set
Item No.: cpro026
Price: HK$285

Travel organisers (Blue)
Item No.: cpro027
Price: HK$85
Travel organisers (Orange)
Item No.: cpro028
Price: HK$85
Passport holder (Blue)
Item No.: cpro029
Price: HK$98
Passport holder (Orange)
Item No.: cpro030
Price: HK$98
Luggage tag (Blue)
Item No.: cpro031
Price: HK$45
Luggage tag (Orange)
Item No.: cpro032
Price: HK$45
A4 folder
Item No.: cpro033; cpro034; cpro035
Price: HK$5.5
Item No.: cpro036
Price: HK$60
Floral emblem sticky note pad
Item No.: cpro037
Price: HK$16
Postcards and Postcard set
Item No.: cpro038 (pc) and cpro039 (set)
Price: HK$4/pc and HK$38/set
Leather B4 Folder
Item No.: pafo049
Price: HK$70

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