Dear Colleagues,

I first started visiting France nearly 40 years ago and since then I have maintained close connections and interactions with the French people. Like many of you, I have a great fondness for French science and culture, especially its art.

The latest exhibition to be shown on campus at the CityU Exhibition Gallery (CEG) will intrigue Francophiles in Hong Kong interested not only in a particular artistic movement that originated in France but also in connections between French and Chinese artistic development over the years. It also highlights our identity as a professional school, being both technical and artistic.

The art movement known as Art Deco became highly influential throughout the world including China. Not only were French designers and artists inspired by Chinese art and techniques, Chinese artists were influenced by Art Deco styles and designs. This exhibition, titled “Art Deco. The France-China Connection”, the ninth exhibition that CEG has mounted since it was established in April 2016, seeks to explore these connection and shared influences.

Art Deco and CityU are linked by the shared ideas of trying to create new visuals and new ways of looking at life that resonate with the growth of society. By merging art and technology, Art Deco had a huge impact on a range of areas, from architecture and cars to furniture and jewellry, and to objects found around the home like cleaning devices and radios. At CityU, through our focus on areas such as creative media, for example, we seek ways to create fresh insights and designs for societal development by bringing together artistic interests with advances in technology. With each exhibition, CEG becomes better known for its cutting-edge blending of art, science and technology, presented in striking visual designs.

This new exhibition continues the tradition of strong relations between CityU and France. Not only have we hosted the excellent France-Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture Series for many years and welcomed many top French scholars to give talks and join our Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study, CityU has been recognised internationally by the French academic community and government.

Please find time to visit the Art Deco exhibition!


Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor