(Seminar)The Ever Changing Landscape of Distance Education:
From Online to Mobile to MOOCs

Date: 15 December 2014 (Monday)

Time: 2:30pm – 4:30 pm

Venue: B4-701, Academic 1, City University of Hong Kong


Minjuan Wang (Ph.D., Professor)

     San Diego State University
     Shanghai International Studies University (Oriental Scholar)

Ethan Singer (Ph.D., Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Emeritus)

     San Diego State University
     San Diego, CA, USA


In this presentation, Professor Wang and Professor Singer will review the evolution of learning, from classroom to E-, to Online and Hybrid, to mobile, and to the recently emerged Cloud learning and MOOCs (Massive Online Courses). Their presentation will focus on trends and issues related to Online Learning, including the mixed course delivery models, use of learning management systems (Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai), student engagement, assessment, learning analytics, and cultural diversity. In particular, they will discuss the impact of mobile learning and the controversial MOOCs for higher education.

As the most visible new idea in the past several years, MOOCs were making their way through higher education and even professional training. During the hype cycle, many universities around the world rushed to create MOOCs for open access or for profit. A handful of highly-ranked universities have also experimented with MOOCs through service providers such as Coursera, Udacity, Edx, or Canvas, but the results have yet to provide a definite answer. During this seminar, Professor Wang and Singer will give a comprehensive overview of MOOCs and then briefly examine its current status and future development.

Bios of Speakers:

Prof. Minjuan Wang

(San Diego State University; Shanghai International Studies University)


Prof. Minjuan Wang is Professor of Learning, Design, and Technology at San Diego State University (SDSU), and distinguished professor of Shanghai International Studies University. She was recently selected as the “Oriental Scholar” by the Municipal Educational Committee of Shanghai.

In her 14 years at SDSU, she teaches Designing and Developing Learning for the Global Audience, Mobile learning development, Technologies for Course Delivery, and Technologies for Teachers. Her research specialties focus on online learning, mobile learning, Cloud Learning, and intelligent classrooms. Minjuan is the Editor-in-Chief of a newly established journal-- ICST Transactions on Future Intelligent Educational Environments (TOFIEE). She also serves on the editorial boards for four indexed journals: Open Education Research, International Journal on E-Learning (IJEL), the Open Education Journal, and Journal of Information Technology Application in Education.

As a winner of several research awards, Minjuan is recognized as one of the high impact authors in blended and mobile learning. She has more than 80 peer-reviewed articles published in indexed journals, such as Educational Technology Research and Development, IEEE Transactions on Education, and British Journal of Educational Technology. She was a keynote and invited speaker to 11 international conferences. In addition, she is also an accomplished creative writer and an amateur flamenco dancer. Her recent Novel--Walking in this Beautiful World—has inspired many young people around the world. Book signing will be held after this seminar.


Dr. Ethan A. Singer

(San Diego State University)

As an Associate Vice President of 34 years at San Diego State University, Dr. Ethan Singer was responsible for Academic Affairs’ $141M budget including the $77M faculty budget. He was the University’s Enrollment Planning Officer and had responsibility for overall university enrollment management, including the development of annual and multi-year university and college enrollment targets, undergraduate admissions modeling, and general oversight of Enrollment Services (admissions, evaluations, registrar’s office, and student recruitment). In addition, he oversaw Analytic Studies and Institutional Research as well as Instructional Technology Services. He was a member of the President’s Cabinet, the President’s Budget Advisory Committee, the President’s Enrollment Management Advisory Committee, the University’s Academic Program Review Panel, the Senate’s Academic Resources and Planning Committee and the Campus Fee Advisory Committee.

Ethan Singer was also responsible for overseeing the City Heights K-12 Educational Collaborative. The Collaborative is a partnership among San Diego State University, the San Diego Unified School District and Price Charities focused on three inner-city schools - Rosa Parks Elementary, Monroe Clark Middle, and Hoover High - with more than 5,000 inner-city students speaking more than thirty different languages. The principal goals of the Collaborative are to significantly enhance the learning, academic achievement, health and social development of the Collaborative’s Pre-K through 12 students. Since the Collaborative’s inception in September 1998, the university has received well over $40M in program funding from Price Charities for this effort.


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The Ever Changing Landscape of Distance Education: From Online to Mobile to MOOCs