Seminar: Understanding Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Providing Graduates with Field Independent Life Skills

13 May 2014, City University of Hong Kong

Time: 10:30 – 12:00

Venue: P4704, Academic 1

Speaker: Professor Jonathan D. LINTON



While universities are traditionally considered to not have the role of preparing students for the workforce, there is an increasing call to do so. More specifically the call for work-related skills are in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. This call has broadened from the sciences into the arts and humanities. Advocates of such an approach see graduate university education as a preparation for development of product – regardless of the field of study. While undergraduates are perceived as being too young and without sufficient knowledge to be good candidates for entrepreneurship, there is a recognition that having an entrepreneurial attitude or spirit is widely regarded by many employers.
One of the challenges facing the development of students as entrepreneurs is understanding what the appropriate skill set is made up of. It is critical to recognize that this varies based on culture and systems of governance. Consequently, development on existing Western perceptions of entrepreneurship may not have the desired effect. The next challenge is to determine whether desired skills should be integrated into existing course work or as free-standing courses. Another critical consideration is whether the courses should be delivered to an interdisciplinary audience. Finally, the role of learning by doing is discussed.



Professor Jonathan D. LINTON is the Power Corporation Professor for the Management of Technological Enterprises at the University of Ottawa, Foreign Co-Head of the Science Technology Studies Laboratory of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, and Editor-in-Chief of Technovation. He holds a Ph.D. in Management Science, Schulich School of Business, York University and is a registered professional engineer. Dr. Linton’s research focuses on operational concerns associated with emerging technologies; Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy, and sustainable supply chains. He is on the editorial boards of Foresight, International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management and Technological Forecasting and Social Change.


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Poster: Understanding Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Providing Graduates with Field Independent Life Skills


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