About Us


The staff members who are currently interested in this Discovery & Innovation (D&I) CoP aim to enhance the teaching and learning culture in CityU to support the “Discovery-enriched Curriculum(DEC)” as initiated through the Academic Development Proposal 2012-15 (ADP).  Efforts will be focused on developing pedagogical and assessment strategies and building the capacity of staff and students in D&I. Professional development of staff and whole person development of students will also be addressed.



  1. To develop and share pedagogical approaches and assessment strategies to support the discovery-enriched curriculum (DEC).
  2. To investigate and develop various approaches to enhance professional development of teaching staff and whole person development of students.
  3. To incorporate technology in the application of both teaching and learning enhancement activities.



  1. To set up an e-platform to enable members of the D&I CoP to continue to interact on issues related to the stated objectives.
  2. Organize seminars and workshops, either for the D&I CoP or with other CoPs in CityU and other tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, inviting members of CityU CoPs or external experts as speakers or workshop facilitators. These activities serve as a means to expand the membership of the D&I CoP to the CityU community and the communities of other tertiary institutions in Hong Kong.
  3. To encourage sitting in on classes of D&I CoP members to learn from one another regarding pedagogy and assessment strategies for D&I, especially strategies focusing on the development of students’ attitudes, abilities and achievements (3As).
  4. To establish a collection of teaching and learning practices/materials and assessment tasks in relation to the development of 3As for sharing.
  5. To organize competitions for students engaged in D&I projects.
  6. To organize exhibitions to display innovations and/or discoveries of students and the best D&I pedagogical approaches and assessment strategies in support of DEC.
  7. To disseminate the best practices in international conferences and publications in internationally-refereed journals.
  8. To provide support for members to apply for funding (e.g. TDG, ERG) to further implement good D&I initiatives and undertake related research work to reinforce the good practice for enhancement of student learning.
  9. To produce annual report on the progress of the CoP, highlighting achievements.