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The Department offers a range of innovative degree programmes designed to train versatile professional communicators for the age of media convergence and information integration. Graduates are well positioned for diverse careers in the media industry and communication sectors in businesses and government organizations.

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CITYU SUMMER SCHOOL ’17: Social Network Analysis of Social Media – Tracking Patterns of Information Flow, Emerging Communities and Influential Users
25 May 2017 (Thu)
Department of Media and Communication  will host the Third CityU Summer School in Social Science Research from June 1-4th, 2017. This year’s Summer School will be lead by Dr. Itai Himelboim, Associate Pro...
族印-家庭相冊: “他們在遺忘前講述,我們在失去前記錄"
24 Apr 2017 (Mon)
24 Apr 2017 (Mon)
由李宇宏老師帶領的媒體與傳播系COM4306 電視新聞報導課的27名同學,將和中國大陸最大的直播網站yy.com合作,在2017年4月26日進行“港話你知,香港學生帶你看香港”10小時連...
"發現香港" 紀錄片放映會 Discover Hong Kong
22 Apr 2017 (Sat)
媒體與傳播系參與香港城市大學校園可持續發展項目 “通過紀錄片來探索可持續發展“,由李宇宏老師帶領COM4305紀錄片製作課的67名同學製作出15部紀錄片,講述不同的故事,探索香港...
International Workshop - Political Polarization and Media: Cases in the US, Korea, and Hong Kong
27 Mar 2017 (Mon)
The Department of Media and Communication hosted the International Workshop “Political Polarization and Media: Cases in the US, Korea, and Hong Kong” on March 27th. The three world-famous guest speakers, Dr...
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