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BAISC - Entrance Scholarships


The Department of Media and Communication will offer scholarships for her BAISC students with her Departmental Non-UGC Reserves with effect from academic year 2008/09. The regulations shall apply as of 2011/12:
1. The Scholarships shall be known as "The Department of Media and Communication BAISC - Entrance Scholarships"
2. A maximum of 5 BAISC- Entrance Scholarships will be awarded to applicants in the academic year.

Scholarship awarding scheme:
Among all applicants with a CGPA score at 3.5 or above in their associate degrees, the top 5 applicants with the highest CGPA score will be awarded HK$10,000 each.
3. Eligible applicants for the scholarships shall be full-time undergraduate freshmen who have been admitted to BA (Hons) in Integrated Strategic Communication top-up program.
4. The scholarship shall be disbursed to the duly registered recipients by two equal installments in the year of admission, one after the full payment of tuition fee for Semester A and completion of Semester A studies, and the other after the full payment of tuition fee for Semester B and completion of Semester B studies.
5. Nominations by the Department of Media and Communication shall reach the Student Development Services in October of the academic year for which the scholarships are designated.
6. By July every year, the Department of Media and Communication will confirm with the Student Development Services whether the scholarship will be offered in the following academic year.
With an objective to nurture our students and to promote caring culture, the Community Relations Committee of the University Council has recommended that each award recipient is expected to make an annual donation of at least HK$200 to City University of Hong Kong for student support via CityU Alumni Club when they are in employment after graduation. This term will be incorporated into all scholarship/prize/award/bursary schemes, whether they are donated by external donors or contributed by University funding, with effect from February 2008.