Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

Research Clusters

Health communication

Coordinator: Dr Li Crystal JIANG

The cluster focuses on understanding and enhancing individual and community health through the lens of social sciences. Members of the cluster have examined a variety of issues, including health information seeking, health campaign design and evaluation, social influence on health behaviors, patient-provider communication, eHealth, mHealth, and etc.

Members: Dr Li Crystal JIANG, Dr Stella CHIA, Dr Guanxiong HUANG, Dr Ki Joon KIM, Dr Ji Won KIM.

Computational Communication

Coordinator: Prof. Jonathan ZHU

The cluster focuses on developing, evaluating, and/or applying computational methods to communication research. Members of the cluster have used a wide range of computational methods including user analytics, text mining, online experiment, social network analysis, and etc. to study both long-standing and emerging issues in both theoretical and applied communication domains.

Members: Prof. Jonathan ZHU, Dr Xiaofan LIU, Dr Guanxiong HUANG, Dr Ji Won KIM.

New Media and technology

Coordinator: Prof. Yu-li LIU

The cluster focuses on issues related to new media and technology. The research interests of the members include the effects of new media and technology, big data, AI, media management, and telecom policy, etc.

Members: Prof. Yu-li LIU, Dr Fen LIN, Dr Yuan WANG, Dr Yue (Nancy) DAI.

Political Communication and Culture

Coordinator: Dr Marko SKORIC

The cluster focuses on the civic, political and cultural implications of media contents, platforms and uses. We focus on a range of topics, including media effects on public opinion, the role of emerging technologies in citizen engagement, election campaigning, sociology of news, and analyses of political discourse and culture.

Members: Dr Marko SKORIC, Dr Chris Fei SHEN, Dr Limin LIANG, Dr Wan-Ying LIN, Dr Fen LIN, Dr Tetsuro KOBAYASHI.