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Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

Xiaoting WANG 王小婷

Ph.D. Student

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Contact Information

Office: M5009
Email: xiaotwang4-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
Personal CV: Personal CV
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Research Interests

  • Game Studies
  • Gender and Communication
  • Media Effects
My research interest lies in the social psychological effects of online games. Specifically, I am interested in investigating how digital self-representations influence individuals' social perception and self-perception.


  • MA 2011-2014 European Studies, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou
    BA 2007-2011 Editing and Publishing, Wuhan University, Wuhan


  • Xiaoting Wang & Tetsuro Kobayashi (2020): Nationalism and political system justification in China: differential effects of traditional and new media, Chinese Journal of Communication, DOI: 10.1080/17544750.2020.1807372

Conference Papers

  • Wang, X.T. & Kobayashi, T. (2017). Nationalism and political system justification in China: The differential effects of traditional and new media. Presented at the Digital Asia, International Communication Association (ICA) Preconference, 25/05/2017, San Diego, USA
  • Wang, X.T. & Kobayashi, T. (2018). Gender self-stereotype in gaming: The effect of avatar appearance and role. Presented at the Games Everywhere Gaming Everywhere, International Communication Association (ICA) Preconference, 24/05/2018, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Wang, X.T. & Kobayashi, T. (2019). Experimental evidence for the effect of avatar appearance and role on gender self-stereotype in gaming. Presented at the annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), 24/05/2018–29/05/2019, Washington DC, USA


  • 2014–2017 Hong Kong Government Grant
  • 2018/2019 Hong Kong Government Scholarship Fund — Reaching Out Award