RTHK programme on DVB produced by COM graduate

25 Oct 2017 (Wed)

(數碼電視與廣播畢業生李啟樂 (2016年畢業)在媒體與傳播系就讀時參加了緬甸學術團,到訪當地的獨立電視台DVB(緬甸民主之聲)。李啟樂現為香港電台電視部的助理編導,並參與了紀錄片{緬甸民主路}本地版本的後期製作,這套紀錄片會於1025日及26兩天在港台電視31播放。緬甸的新聞媒體「緬甸民主之聲」曾經被軍政府視為眼中釘,總編輯和記者被迫流亡海外二十多年。直至2013年,緬甸推行改革,「緬甸民主之聲」終於可以回到家鄉緬甸,成立分部。記者採訪全國各地,揭露不公,甚至製作全新的論政節目,表面上似乎有新聞自由,但暗裡卻危機重重。昂山素姬成為國務資政後,媒體是否受到應有的保障呢?

Democracy Road
BATVB graduate Joseph Li (Class of 2016) – who has joined the COM Study Tour to Myanmar and visited the local media organisation of Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) in 2016 – now works as a TV Assistant Producer at Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). He has taken part in the RTHK’s post-production of the documentary “Democracy Road” that will go on-air on 25 Oct and 26 Oct. This roadmovie-documentary follows journalists in Myanmar in a critical phase of the establishment of the newborn democracy. Being an independent news channel and having Myanmar’s future as a democracy at stake, reporters hit the road to investigate the living conditions of ordinary people off the beaten path in Myanmar, but the machinery of the old dictatorship is still running, while the editor-in-chief has to negotiate with the Ministry of Information. The road to democracy has only just begun…

Broadcast schedule on RTHK TV Channel 31:

25 Oct 2017                9:30 – 10:30 pm

26 Oct 2017                00:30 – 1:30 am; 10:00 – 11:00 am

Parental Guidance recommended.


Chinese subtitles available; Parts of narration in Norwegian 

Programme webpage link : http://www.rthk.hk/tv/dtt31/programme/31seetheworld

BATVB graduate Joseph Li