Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

COM Research Seminar presented by Young Scholars

13 Mar 2023 (Mon)

On 13 March, four young scholars from mainland China held a seminar. Dr. Liu Qian, from Jinan University, presented her research on news media coverage and social media use during the early and peak phases of the COVID-19 Outbreak and the impact on public mental health. Dr. Liu Yi from Chongqing University presented his recent research on how COVID-19 patients' self-reported videos affect users' online engagement and emotional arousal. Dr. Xu Di, from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, presented a qualitative study on the external communication barriers and digital challenges faced by China's elderly deaf and hard-of-hearing people during COVID-19. Dr. Yu Xin from Tsinghua University introduced the concept of Discourse Institutionalism and presented his research on patterns of public participation and government response in China. The seminar aimed to promote academic communication with young scholars from the mainland. About 30 faculty members and students participated in the seminar.