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Research Clusters - One Health


As the human health and animal health are getting more and more interdependent, CityU adopts and promotes the “One Health” approach to design measures to safeguard public health and to respond to this global challenge. Under the overarching theme of One Health, CityU aims to develop and integrate interdisciplinary, problem-based research collaborations and communications in all aspects of health-related issues.


Convenor Research Interest
Dr Nicholas THOMAS (AIS) Health Security in Asia; Chinese Foreign Policy; Asian security
Core Members Research Interest
Dr Edmund CHENG (POL) Contentious politics and political sociology; Hong Kong politics and global China; Public opinion survey and mixed methods
Prof Christine HUANG Yi-hui (COM) Cross-cultural communication and relationship; Chinese communication and relationship management; Public relations management, effectiveness, and value; Crisis management and crisis communication; Conflict resolution and negotiation
Dr Crystal JIANG Li (COM) Psychological and Interpersonal Processes in Social Media; Health Communication; Quantitative Research Methods
Dr KIM Ji-won (COM) Psychology of New Media; Computer-Mediated Communication; Interactive Media Effects; Media Effects on Health/Risk Behaviors; Rumor and Misinformation
Dr LIU Xiaofan (COM) Network science for social studies; Cryptocurrency and blockchain
Dr Nick OR (POL) Policy agendas and processes; Authoritarian regimes; Globalisation; Information processing; Hong Kong Politics
Dr Jack PUN (EN) Language Education; Health communication
Dr Tina ROCHELLE (SS) Health Behaviour & Access to Healthcare; Health & Social Behaviour; Healthcare Utilisation; Influence of Culture & Values on Health & Behaviour; Masculinity & Health Behaviour; Psychological Impact of Chronic Illness
Other Members
Dr Esther CHOW Oi-wah (SS)
Dr Nancy DAI Yue (COM)
Dr Christoph HAFNER (EN)
Dr HUANG Guanxiong (COM)
Dr Sylvia KWOK LAI Yuk-ching (SS)
Prof Diane PECORARI (EN)
Dr TSUI Lik-hang (CAH)
Dr Nancy YU Xiaonan (SS)
Prof Jonathan ZHU Jian-hua (COM)


Survey experiments on the fight against Covid-19
Date: 16 Nov 2020
Time: 12:30 - 13:00 (HKT)
Speakers: Dr Nick OR, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Policy, CityU
Dr Nick PETROVSKY, Associate Professor, Department of Public Policy, CityU
Prof Richard M. WALKER, Chair Professor, Department of Public Policy, CityU
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Please register by 11:30 on Nov. 16 (one hour before the talk).

One Health Risk and Communication Seminar
Date: 9 Nov 2020
Time: 16:00
Format: Zoom
Speakers: Dr HUANG Guanxiong, Assistant Professor, Department of Media and Communication, CityU
Dr KIM Ji Won, Assistant Professor, Department of Media and Communication, CityU
Dr DAI Yu, Assistant Professor, Department of Media and Communication, CityU

Category: Seminar

Grant Successful Cases

Health and Medical Research Fund (HMRF)

  • “CityPal: a chatbot for enhancing young adults' psychological well-being” by Dr John LEE Sie-yuen (LT)
  • “A pre- and post-test intervention design to develop a communication training model for practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM): a pilot study” by Dr Jack PUN (EN)

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