College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

New Researcher Award

New Researcher Award 2018

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Awardee 2017

Awardee Department
Dr CHAN Heng-choon Oliver [Research profile] Applied Social Sciences
On the left: Dr CHAN Heng-choon Oliver
On the right: Professor Christian WAGNER, Associate Provost (Quality Assurance)
Awardee 2016

Awardee Department
Dr ZHANG Xiaoling [Research profile] Public Policy
On the left: Dr ZHANG Xiaoling
On the right: Professor Way KUO, University President
Awardee 2015

Awardee Department
Dr Bonnie Wing-Yin CHOW Applied Social Sciences
On the left: Professor Xiaowei ZANG, Dean (CLASS)
On the right: Dr Bonnie Wing-Yin CHOW
Awardee 2014

Awardee Department
Dr JUNG Chan Su Public Policy
From left to right: Professor Richard M. WALKER, Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies, CLASS), Dr JUNG Chan Su and Professor Xiaowei ZANG, Dean (CLASS)