College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

New Researcher Award - Guidelines for 2020


  1. City University of Hong Kong aspires to become a leading global University, excelling in research and professional education. The objectives of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS)’s New Researcher Award Scheme (the Scheme) are:
    1. to recognize and reward research excellence at CLASS, CityU;
    2. to emphasize the University's commitment to create an environment conducive to high quality research at an internationally competitive level; and
    3. to enhance the University's performance in the delivery of its research agenda.


  1. CLASS full-time faculty members who are within 5 years of the award of their PhD.


  1. The Scheme rewards research excellence by giving ONE winner a certificate and an award of HK$15,000.

Submission of Documents

By Application

  1. The application should consist of a summary description (maximum 5 pages) of the work of the researcher covering:
    • a description of the research undertaken;
    • list of Published Research Outputs (PROs) since award of PhD, and manuscripts of his/her best one or two items of research output. The research work’s significance, (for example, journal standing, citation etc.) and contribution to society;
    • impact on the discipline of knowledge; and
    • recognitions, prizes, research grants or patents obtained.
  2. Please submit your application to CLASS by email to on or before 3 April 2020.

By Nomination

  1. Heads may nominate a maximum of two faculty members with outstanding performance in research for the award. Nominations should be made by completing the Nomination Form and returning the completed form with the nominee's summary description of his/her research work as required in the “By Application” section to CLASS by email to on or before 3 April 2020. Prior consent of the nominees must be obtained before submitting a nomination.

Selection Criteria

  1. Candidates will be selected mainly on the basis of evidence represented by their PROs. Only published articles will be considered and the publication year will be based on the year indicated in the journals concerned. Quality, relevance, coherence, and impact will be considered in totality in assessing the PROs submitted and the quality of the research activities from which these PROs arise. Grants, prizes and other forms of recognition will also be considered in making the award.

Selection Panel

  1. The Scheme will be administered by the College Research Committee of CLASS. A selection panel will be formed to select one candidate for award. Comments of the respective Department and external peer assessments may be invited when necessary.


  1. For any queries, please contact Mr Derek Ip, CRC Secretary via