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CLASS Sustainability Expert Appointed as Associate Editor of High-quality Nature Research Journal

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) is pleased to share the good news that Dr Xiaoling ZHANG of the Department of Public Policy (POL) is appointed as Associate Editor of npj Urban Sustainability, part of the Nature Partner Journal Series. She is the only scholar from an Asian institution chosen for the same role.

An Associate Professor of POL, Dr Zhang's research focuses on sustainability science and resource management, and political economics of environmental studies and energy studies. She also works predominantly with macro-level dynamics in sustainable urbanisation, regional and neighbourhood change, land use change, urban socio-spatial restructuring, informal and formal policy regime, governance and the interactions between them. In addition, Dr Zhang is one of the special recognition diplomas’ awardees for the 35th World Cultural Council. Her other editorial engagements include serving currently as Co-editor-in-Chief of Sustainable Earth and as Associate Editor of Journal of Cleaner Production in 2015-2017.

npj Urban Sustainability is an open access, online-only journal, ensuring maximum dissemination of content, faster impact and broader collaboration. In addition to high-quality research articles, it also accepts comments on policy, science and society or purely scientific issues, perspectives on primary research literature, and scholarly reviews of recent developments in a research field. Topics of interests to the journal include, but not limited to, the dynamics of urbanising regions, sustainable environments in new and existing cities, urban data collection and analysis, economic, social and environmental challenges, and urbanisation in the Global South and developing countries. Urban scientists, policymakers and practitioners interested in understanding and managing urbanisation processes can freely access valuable resources and inspiration insights anytime and anywhere.

For the editorial role with npj Urban Sustainability, Dr Zhang will work alongside with Editor-in-Chief Professor Thomas ELMGVIST from Stockholm University, and four other Associate Editors from the US, Australia and South Africa. Each member of the editorial team is chosen in recognition of their competence and skills in different areas of expertise, so as to represent a wider spectrum of research topics.

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