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Outstanding research at CLASS broadcast by Australian TV network

Knowledge transfer is an integral part of CLASS’ mission in teaching and research. An excellent example is Dr Sharon Ingrid KWOK, an alumna of the Department of Applied Social Sciences, who has joined her alma mater as a Research Fellow. Dr Kwok is one of a few researchers who specialises in the study of triads in Hong Kong, and her expertise is widely sought after. She was recently interviewed for ‘Four Corners’, the premier news and current affairs programme of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. A paper by Dr Kwok and Professor T. Wing Lo on the triads and Macau Casino VIP room operation, published in the British Journal of Criminology, caught the attention of the TV network. Dr Kwok was interviewed about the arrest in October 2016 of 18 Crown Casino staff in China, along with several of their junket operators and Crown customers.

Being at the forefront of her field, Dr Kwok was previously interviewed about the operations of triad society in Hong Kong by the French TV channel M6 in November 2014, and by CNN en Español in August 2013.

Cover photo: Dr Sharon Ingrid Kwok (left) being interviewed by Marian Wilkinson of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.