College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Latest issue of CITY CLASS released

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) is committed to serving Hong Kong society. For more than a decade, students of CLASS have been caring for the homeless, fighting for the rights of ethnic minorities, tutoring younger school children, etc. The feature story about service learning at CityU is available in the latest issue of CITY CLASS, a magazine chronicling news and events of CLASS.

CityU’s “Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC)” is dedicated to encouraging our students to put into practice what they learn in order to create new knowledge. Dr Justin ROBERTSON, the recipient of the first Teaching Innovation Award at CLASS, demonstrates remarkably how DEC is conducted in classrooms, and the interview with Dr Robertson on this issue illustrates how students have been inspired as a result.

Global awareness and perspective is another important part in the quality education of CLASS. Our postgraduate students come from 20 countries around the world. The interviews with Professor Mark R. THOMPSON, Head of the Department of Asian and International Studies, and two research students from Ghana and Iceland, shows the extent of exposure of our faculty and students to global issues.

The e-version of CITY CLASS is now available at

Enjoy reading!