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CLASS summer internationalisation activities received an enthusiastic response

Around 110 students attended the pre-application briefing session organised by CLASS on 13 January, to find out more about the overseas learning opportunities available to them in the coming summer.

The College will continue to organise its long-established summer programmes this year. The Cultural and Language Immersion and Overseas Summer Schools take students of CLASS who wish to make good use of the summer break to explore the world and broaden their horizons. The College’s long-term summer programme partners include Boston University in the US, Kyung Hee University in South Korea and the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sussex in the UK. This year, the College established summer programme partnerships with five other renowned overseas universities, namely University of Oxford (Hertford College) in the UK, University of California San Diego in the US, University of Sydney in Australia, University of Vienna in Austria and Saint Louis University (Madrid Campus) in Spain, with the aim of further diversifying students’ overseas learning opportunities.

Student returnees from previous programmes shard their overseas learning experiences with the students. Representatives from Kyung Hee University provided insights into reciprocal understanding and intercultural and relational development.

For programmes details, please visit the following links:

Cultural and Language Immersion:
Overseas Summer Schools:

Cover photo: Dr Buhm-suk BAEK, Director of International Affairs of the Global Academy for Future Civilization in Kyung Hee University, South Korea, introducing their Global Collaborative Summer Programme to CLASS students at the briefing session.