College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
CLASS Faculty Receives Recognition for Research Excellence on Public Administration

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr Bert GEORGE, Associate Professor, Department of Public and International Affairs (PIA), has been awarded the Joseph Wholey Distinguished Scholarship Award with his international collaborators for outstanding scholarship on the performance of public and non-profit organisations.

The award was presented by the American Society for Public Administration, a leading professional association for public service. It acknowledges the excellence of Dr George’s article “Red Tape, Organizational Performance, and Employee Outcomes: Meta-analysis, Meta-regression, and Research Agenda" published in Public Administration Review

Dr George is a member of PIA’s Laboratory for Public Management & Policy. His research covers a range of public management and policy themes, including strategic planning and management in public administration, public sector performance, behavioural public policy and administration, and meta-science in public administration. His work has also been frequently cited in a range of policy-relevant reports and plans such as the 2022 US Budget Guidance for US Federal Agencies.